• An A to Z of Women in Ad Tech

    From directors to founders, vice presidents and C-level executives, women have played a part in the ad tech scene for years – yet often remain in the background at industry events. The diversity conference Ad Tech Inclusion Summit is now recognising 50 women in ad tech.

    A look at any ad tech conference will make it obvious that the programmatic advertising sector is dominated by men, with the latter usually clearly outnumbering the women attendees, and conference organisers [...]

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  • Ad Fraud Needs to Be Tackled by Industry Leaders: Q&A with Erika Soliven, Sociomantic

    The GDPR is on everybody’s mind. But will it be effective in battling ad fraud? Erika Soliven (pictured below), marketing director, Sociomantic Labs, believes that the industry needs to take responsibility for the problem. In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, she calls for action on ad fraud – and more gender diversity in ad tech.

    What are the most pressing concerns plaguing the industry today?

    While GDPR is rumoured to be the next ‘ad blocking’ affair, set to rattle the industry, those prepping themselves [...]

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  • Diversity in Media, Marketing & Advertising: Why We Must Break Down Barriers

    Diversity is a vital, yet difficult, subject to cover in media, marketing, and advertising (MMA). As Pepsi has recently discovered, you can’t simply make an ad that features minority groups, or mimics a famous stand for equality, and call the job done. Such approaches don’t just come across as making light of serious issues – they fail to address them completely.

    The ugly truth is that, unfortunately, MMA remains a largely white, middle-class boys’ club. While advertising [...]

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  • Gender Balance in Advertising & Marketing: It’s Time to Broaden the Conversation

    We are pretty opinionated at ExchangeWire, and we encourage opinionated conversation from our readership. We consider ourselves a forum for the industry to debate issues of the day, connected to the business of advertising and marketing technology. However, there’s one topic that you don’t hear much from ExchangeWire on – and that’s gender balance.

    I’m not saying we’re silent on the matter – Becca Muir wrote a great opinion piece on the issue in [...]

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  • DIMA: Not Just Another Diversity Event!

    ExchangeWire are proud to announce a partnership with the Diversity In Advertising and Marketing Summit (DIMA), which takes place in London on 4 & 5 April. The event is aimed at people who work at agencies, media owners, tech providers, and brands – and is the only two-day event in Europe dedicated to diversity and inclusion in marketing and advertising. Lync are offering ExchangeWire readers a 20% discount on standard ticket prices. To register, click here and enter ExchangeWire4Diversity when [...]

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