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ATS Miami 2018

ATS Miami 2018
8th Mar 2018
Hyatt Regency Miami
400 SE 2nd Ave,
FL 33131,

ExchangeWire’s global conference series - ATS - is coming to Miami on Thursday, March 8 2018

The shift to programmatic is the new normal for marketers and publishers in digital marketing. It is now a multi-billion dollar market in the US and globally. Supported by ExchangeWire’s global editorial perspective, ATS Miami 2018 will focus on the technology and tools that underpin programmatic and data-driven advertising, current challenges facing the industry, and future trends and developments witnessed across global markets.

Amongst other topics, presentations and discussions at ATS Miami will cover:
- The Evolution of Programmatic and Data-Driven Advertising and Marketing
- Data Management & Strategy in a Programmatic World
- Building Progressive Publisher Strategies in a Data-Driven Environment
- Fraud, Viewability and Ad Blockers – the Industry’s Biggest Pain Points Addressed

ATS Miami will bring together a full range of industry professionals from agencies, publishers, marketers and advertisers, for debate and discussion.

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