Solving UK Marketing Challenges with AI

Digital marketing needs fresh thinking in a category that is critical to its future — how we decide who sees an ad and when. The challenge, of course, increases with scale: as programmatic media markets grow and as advertisers rely on the open web to deliver more returns, precise decision-making becomes more critical, especially as privacy regulation continues to expand. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an independent solution that advertisers are seeking to incorporate into their ad stacks to fuel differentiation and growth.

With all of this momentum, Scibids commissioned this Insights & Attitudes report with ExchangeWire to ascertain how UK advertisers are using AI as it relates to their existing ad stacks, alongside how they are preparing for the deprecation of cookies, thinking about success metrics, and reacting to other market trends and challenges. It also considers a new perspective for the industry, one that takes into account externalities that are affecting not only the digital advertising ecosystem, but the global environment and economy as a whole.

This Insights & Attitudes report features thought leadership from:

  • Harriet Cunningham, sales director UK, Scibids
  • Nadia Gonzalez, CMO, Scibids
  • Julien Hirth, co-founder and GM, Scibids
  • Louisa Jones, sales director UK, Scibids
  • Remi Lemonnier, co-founder and president, Scibids
  • Matt Nash, MD UK, Scibids
  • Brian O’Kelley, co-founder and CEO, Scope3
  • Silvia Sparry, chief transformation officer, GroupM Nexus


Download the full report here