AudienceScience Buys Wunderloop For Reported Eight Figure Sum

AudienceScience has agreed to buy Wunderloop for a reported eight figure sum. Wunderloop declared bankruptcy at the end of April due a to lack of funding. It is believed that Wunderloop has been actively seeking a buyer since going bankrupt kin April - and has had lots of interest. Reports suggest that there were a number of US and European companies were in the hunt for Wunderloop, attracted by their proprietery behavioural technology. This is an excellent acquisition by AudienceScience as it will now give it a strong presence in the German and French markets. It will be interesting to see what happens to the AdAudience joint venture now that Wunderloop's technology is owned by AS.

UPDATE: The deal is now offcicial and has been confirmed by both AudienceScience and Wunderloop. Here's the official press release:

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — AudienceScience ( www.audiencescience.co.uk), an online advertising technology company driving digital marketing success, announced today plans to acquire Hamburg, Germany based wunderloop ( www.wunderloop.com).

As Europe's leading provider of integrated targeting Services wunderloop offers the possibility to precisely reach target groups on the Internet and was the first company in Germany to qualify for the European Union-backed 'EuroPriSe' seal for exemplary privacy protection.

The acquisition, subject to third party approval, comes following the recent purchase of Consorte Media ( www.consortemedia.com), a leading US-based digital marketing company helping advertisers to connect with Hispanic consumers online.

"AudienceScience is on a steady path of global expansion, having established clear leadership in the industry with regards to superior technology, quality data and unmatched expertise." said Jeff Hirsch, CEO, AudienceScience. "We are excited about the prospect of enhancing The Audience Gateway platform and strengthening our European presence with wunderloop's exceptional team and technology."

wunderloop CEO Torsten Ahlers said, "AudienceScience is the ideal partner for wunderloop. At one stroke, we now have the opportunity to export wunderloop's successful technology to the US and other markets while also enhancing our range here in Europe with AudienceScience's great products."

Wunderloop currently has offices in France, Germany, and The Netherlands. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

About AudienceScience:

AudienceScience technology provides a gateway enabling universal access to online audiences. This integrated audience platform, The Audience Gateway, drives digital marketing success. Accessing 200 billion data insights into 386 million people worldwide, AudienceScience empowers marketers with the intelligence and control to execute effective global campaigns. Since 2003, AudienceScience has delivered over 50,000 targeted campaigns for clients including Financial Times, Haymarket Consumer Media, New York Times Digital, News Corp and News International and Virgin Media. For more information, please visit www.AudienceScience.co.uk.