Video Innovation Summit: Lifting the Lid on Mobile Video Marketing

Mobile video marketing has seen incredible adoption and success over the last few years. Mobile has gone from an emerging trend to the norm. Mobile digital ad spend accounted for 30.5% (£2.6bn) of total digital ad spend in 2015, which is up 60% from the previous year. Video is representing an increasingly large share of mobile digital ad spend, with both demand and supply experiencing a surge and starting to achieve similar levels.

However, with greater adoption, several unique challenges have arisen: The introduction of new technologies has brought video to the forefront as a viable advertising medium not just for traditional branding advertisers looking for reach, but also advertisers seeking a direct response, as the development of creative technologies, as well as the ability to effectively measure video performance continue to flourish.

To combat industry challenges and maximise engagement with consumers, native advertising formats have also seen an increase – these are formats which lend themselves well to the video medium, as their ability to blend seamlessly into their surrounding environments makes them engaging and attractive for both advertisers and publishers.

Despite growth in mobile video spend from direct response advertisers, the difficulty of converting on mobile does also produce another host of challenges - the use of data in measurement and attribution is improving, but developments need to be made to ensure mobile video receives credit for its important role in the consumer journey.

The ability to successfully navigate through these challenges will allow mobile video marketers to continue to deliver engaging and memorable experiences to their desired audience. Mobile video is also ripe for innovation, both through the power of data and creatively, as well as a combination of the two. Advertisers are able to achieve never-before-seen creative feats, whether across a vast target audience or through one-to-one messaging. As consumers continue to adapt how they consume content through their smartphones and video becomes an increasingly popular and common form of smartphone consumption, so too does the industry evolve to be able to deliver smart strategies within a powerful advertising medium.

Join ExchangeWire, Videobeat Networks and Google, as ExchangeWire’s head of content, Lindsay Rowntree hosts a panel of experts from Videobeat Networks, Joint London, and JustEat at the 2nd Annual Video Innovation Summit. With discussion ranging from effective creative execution in mobile video to the value of data in video advertising and successful mobile video strategies, this event aims to lift the veil on mobile video marketing. The rare opportunity to hear from marketers, operations and creative experts about the future of mobile video marketing will ensure a lively and rounded discussion. The event will be followed by an evening of networking with over 150 marketing specialists from a range of industries.

The 2nd Annual Video Innovation Summit takes place on Wednesday 28th September from 18.30-21.30 in Central London – if you are keen to attend, you can register for the event here.