Yieldbird to Invest €1.5m (£1.2m) in ADXo Solution


Yieldbird is set to invest over €1.5m (£1.2m) in developing and implementing its own innovative system for managing the programmatic inventory sales by digital publishers.

As a part of the Agora S.A. group, Yieldbird, a company that supports web publishers in optimising and improving advertising revenues via the programmatic channel, has received a grant of €800,000 (£668,000) from the National Center for Research and Development under the “Intelligent Development” program. This will co-finance research on a highly innovative project that aims to optimise management of the sale of advertising space.

ADXo – the pioneering solution which Yieldbird is developing – will support website owners in streamlining the management of their advertising space by automating price management based on historical data analysis and buyer behaviour. Thanks to its use of machine learning technology and Big Data, Yieldbird is looking to provide online publishers with full control over their pricing policy in the programmatic channel to facilitate the better use of revenue data in the form of a unified reporting system, allowing for faster and more informed business decisions, which are based on aggregated data derived from many platforms.

“We are delighted with the decision of the National Center for Research and Development to provide us with such a substantial grant for the development of our project, which will allow us to provide publishers with superlative tools to improve their business results, despite the adverse changes which have taken place in the online advertising industry in recent years (GDPR, restrictions on cookie processing). This grant is also a recognition of Yieldbird’s commercial performance and market position, not to mention the innovative character of the company, which has always been our core focus. ADXo will be an exceptional product for both the European and global markets, and will allow our company to make deep inroads into foreign markets such as the United States, Brazil and Australia.”
– Marcin Ekiert, Co-Founder & CEO of Yieldbird

ADXo will allow online publishers to derive the kinds of benefits that facilitate the achievement of revenue goals such as:
– Reducing the work effort required to service programmatic advertising revenues pertaining to automation and reporting harmonisation.
– Improving the speed of response to technical errors that prevent the emission of paid advertising content.
– Increasing advertising revenues as a result of streamlining price efficiency relating to sold advertising space.

Due to its compatibility with Google Ad Manager, Yieldbird’s ADXo will be equally straightforward for publishers in every corner of the world to implement and use.

“When developing ADXo, we at Yieldbird looked to focus on advertising space management from the optical perspective of website owners, and in this regard price management was very much to the fore. After the changes that took place last year on the programmatic advertising market arising from Google’s transition to the first price model, at the Ad Manager level the selection of the correct rates for appropriate segments of the space, while taking into account the market environment and the pricing strategy of the competition, remains one of the most important but also the most difficult tasks facing those responsible for advertising revenue of publishers. Thanks to the support of the National Center for Research and Development, Yieldbird will be able to build an innovative decision-making system that processes transactional data using machine-learning algorithms in a way that will monitor changes and market trends otherwise invisible to the eye. The research conclusions obtained in this way will be the ‘brains’ of the fully automated process for the valuation and sale of any large and diverse advertising space at optimal rates. Our algorithms will provide publishers with an optimal price-management model, and automation will save them at least a few hours of work-time per day.”
– Łukasz Sidor, Head of Product Development at Yieldbird

The development of the ADXo project is closely linked with the dynamic expansion of Yieldbird’s Product and Data Science Departments. This expansion gathered pace last year, and currently we are conducting an open recruitment in order to hire the best specialists who will support the implementation of the project and work on its associated technology. The project not only boasts experts from the advertising industry, but from its inception ADXo has been supported by a scientific team headed by Witold Abramowicz, who is a Professor of Economics and Mathematics, and is currently chair of the Department of Economic Informatics at the Poznań University of Economics.

In addition to the funds from the National Center for Research and Development, Yieldbird will invest almost €800,000 (£668,000) of its own funds, which will bring the final value of the investment to over €1.5m (£1.2m).

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