FreeWheel Releases 'The Delicate Art of Balancing Ad Load'


The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video Europe (FWCE) has today released its latest study, The Delicate Art of Balancing Ad Load, which aims to provide an overview of current ad load across European premium programmers and help to better craft optimal ad experiences for the viewers.

The FWCE paper offers insights into the different approaches to ad load and how these vary across premium publishers, as well as region. By drawing on specific case studies and in-depth data analysis, the study highlights how carefully curated ad loads can not only have a positive effect on viewer satisfaction, but also on ad revenue.

As David Rasmusson, Ad Tech domain Architect from Nent Group expressed: “There is no one solution as regards to ad load but rather willingness to innovate and experiment as well as constant iteration and fine tuning through data and research. Programmers are uniquely positioned to build sophisticated strategies and drive the next phases of video experiences.”

Research into viewer responses helps form the basis of the insights set out in the paper. Drawing on additional studies into emotional responses to ads, the paper presents programmers with an overview of the factors that contribute to optimal ad load. This insight enables publishers to adapt their strategies accordingly, to ensure audience satisfaction without compromising on advertisers’ goals and their ad revenues.

Other key takeaways from the paper include:
– The majority of viewer drop-off occurs during content, with only 20% happening during the ads, implying that ads are not the main factor for people to leave a stream.
– Content above five minutes goes out on average with two pre-rolls and four mid-rolls, with each ad being 20 seconds on average.
– Ad completion rates are above 90%, demonstrating the high engagement driven by premium content.
– The average number of ads has significantly gone down over the past three years

Emmanuel Josserand, Brand, Agency and Industry Relations at FreeWheel comments: “Striking the right balance on the volume of ads is very complex, particularly in a highly competitive digital video environment where consumers are presented with a plethora of choices. The ideal ad experience will keep viewers engaged, while delivering on advertisers’ marketing objectives and publishers’ revenue goals and consumer retention. This report demonstrates both the science and the art of designing consumer-focused premium video ad experiences and how publishers and broadcasters can fine-tune and orchestrate a robust ad-supported video business.”


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