Advertisers in APAC See Programmatic Gains: IAS Media Quality Report

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, released the Media Quality Report for H1 2020 providing insights into the quality of media in 15 countries around the world.

Brand Risk

Indonesia and Japan pose the highest brand risk globally on mobile web display; Australia is the safest for video impressions; and Singapore enjoys the lowest brand risk in desktop display in the world.

Globally, Japan had the second highest brand risk for desktop display (6.2% in H1 2020) and highest for mobile web display at 10.9%. Indonesia had the second-highest brand risk for mobile web display at 9.3% globally.


Indonesia led mobile web display, Australia led mobile app display time-in-view, globally

Australia (27.9s) achieved the highest time-in-view average for mobile app display, driven by the strong performance of programmatic inventory. Appearing for the first time in this report, Indonesia led mobile web display time-in-view at 25.2 seconds, followed by Australia (18.5s) and Japan (16.9s)

Laura Quigley, APAC MD at Integral Ad Science, comments: “The strong performance of programmatic buys is most likely due to the wide use of pre-bid filters. This data should offer APAC advertisers the confidence to further invest in programmatic to drive efficiency for their campaigns across platforms.” Quigley continues: “Advertisers have turned to contextual technologies to ensure that their advertising does not inadvertently appear next to hateful content, while successfully expanding consumer reach”.

Ad Fraud

Lower ad fraud rates on programmatic buys across all channels- Indonesia has the lowest mobile web display ad fraud rate globally

Desktop display registered the highest ad fraud rate of all the channels worldwide at 0.8% and Indonesia was the only country in the region with lower fraud (0.5%) than the global average. Australia and India stood at 1.1% while Singapore registered the second-highest ad fraud globally (2.1%). Mobile web video remained the safest inventory with an optimised ad fraud rate of 0.3%


Programmatic inventory remains a key driver for viewability globally; Japan and New Zealand achieve double-digit year-on-year improvements

Video continues to be the most viewable format around the globe. Australia outperformed every other country in terms of viewability. Singapore came a distant second in the region (67.9%) marginally above the global average (67.6%) while Japan’s viewability improved to 51.9% (34.2% in H1 2019)

Download the full report here.

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