DIDOMI Launches a TCF-Compliant Consent Management Solution for Connected TV

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Didomi is today announcing the expansion of its compliance solution to collect consent for connected TV (CTV), including over-the-top (OTT) and smart TV. The solution, which will allow publishers to fully comply with privacy regulation, is the first European CTV consent solution provider to be approved as compliant with the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) by the IAB Europe. The solution works for apps on Apple TV and Android TV.

Consumer demand for streaming digital content is increasing immensely. Connected TV (CTV) plays an important role for the user regarding flexibility, variety and the ability to take part in unique and powerful streaming experiences. Today, an estimated 61,5 million consumers across Europe use CTV devices on a daily basis and on which they can watch their favourite content on selected devices whenever they want. There's no doubt that CTV will continue to grow and establish itself as an important part of consumers' routines.

The move away from linear TV and the massive increase towards streaming has made it even more important for publishers to integrate consent management into their connected TV apps. To respond to the growing demand, Didomi, already a leader in the online privacy market (with clients such as Webedia, Rakuten, Euronews, L'Equipe, Giphy and NRJ) is launching its consent management platform for CTV to collect, store, and optimise user consent while also considering the importance of protecting consumer choice and privacy.

Consumers indeed demand transparency and control when it comes to their personal data, and television sets should by no means be exceptions. Didomi’s consent management solution is a way to build user trust through transparent information when it comes to data collection, usage and permissions. Publishers on Apple TV and Android TV now have an easy-to-implement, multi-language solution to collect, store and optimise consent on CTV devices across the globe.

To enable important features of connected TV apps, such as profile-based content suggestions or personalised advertising, publishers must have access to user data, which is subject to obtaining user consent in a clear and transparent way to comply with GDPR principles.

Commenting on the launch, Didomi co-founder and CEO Romain Gauthier said "The key objective of our Consent Management Platform (CMP) is to enable brands to generate user trust through transparent, easy-to-understand interfaces. Due to consumers' increasing consumption of OTT content in 2020, we identified a growing need and opportunity to expand Didomi's solutions within OTT and CTV. We are particularly proud that our TV SDK has been approved as TCF-compliant by the IAB Europe, because Didomi wants to cater to the needs of publishers and advertisers and to consistently evolve and adapt to market needs."


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