mediarithmics Partners with InfoSum to Offer Future-Proof Advertising products

mediarithmics InfoSummediarithmics InfoSum

mediarithmics, a leader in marketing technology, that provides advanced brands and media players a best-in-class data marketing cloud, has partnered with InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, to bring alternative, privacy compliant connectivity solutions to global advertiser and broadcaster clients.

The partnership will enable mediarithmics and InfoSum to offer innovative data led solutions to clients as we move into a world without cookies, including helping advanced brands build their own retail media and private garden propositions, as well as helping them create safe and secure alliances. Through this partnership, mediarithmics will be able to offer solutions including advanced segmentation, machine learning capabilities, real-time activation across multiple digital channels and in-depth analytics and reporting. InfoSum will support the partnership by providing brands and media owners with the ability to safely and securely connect customer records, without ever sharing personal data, by leveraging their market leading ‘non-movement of data’ technology.

“As we move into a world where cookies will not exist, it is now more important than ever that brands and media players need to easily activate multiple data marketing solutions whilst keeping control of their data and limiting dependencies,” says Phil Raby, General Manager UK at mediarithmics. “By partnering with InfoSum, we believe we can offer businesses innovative solutions to manage their first-party data more effectively and securely, to build new data-driven advertising products which will prioritise consumer privacy, and future-proof their business for many years to come.”

Richard Foster, CRO at InfoSum, says: “We see more and more companies taking the journey from 'unknown to known' as they look to build authenticated and registered first-party audiences at scale. Companies are becoming very aware of the power and the value of these first-party assets and are seeking solutions to enable them to collaborate with their media partners in a secure and privacy-first way. The combination of mediarithmics’ data marketing cloud technology and InfoSum's decentralised data collaboration platform is unlocking seamless first-party data activation and measurement capabilities for media owners and leading retail brands with proven results.”


mediarithmics offers an open and integrated data marketing infrastructure, covering all DMP and CDP uses. The platform can also be used to create Data Alliances, guaranteeing the impermeability of data between partners and compliance with current and...
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