ADvendio Announces Expansion Into The US Market By Appointing Samantha Giaver, Head of Sales, USA

In 2016, Samantha started her time with ADvendio as a key account manager, a role that was primarily sales-focused and allowed her to transition into her new position as head of sales after a move from Chile back to the US. Her new strategic role is aimed at driving ADvendio in the US and supporting ADvendio’s America's team to close new business in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Co-managing the global sales team with her counterpart Robert Varga, head of sales, EMEA/APAC, Samatha said there is a “great dynamic to keep both our teams so well connected, even though we are based all over the world. Everyone has such different skills and ways of thinking that when we come together, we all complement each other on a common goal.”

Samantha Giaver, head of sales US, ADvendio

With a passion for sales, Samantha enjoys meeting new people and has always found it interesting learning about the different ways companies are run and how people work. “That’s what keeps sales so exciting for me, almost every day I am meeting someone new who has a unique story to tell. I actually started out my career in recruiting, which can kind of be seen as sales in many ways, but after a few years I naturally shifted into a full sales role.”

She was initially attracted to ADvendio for their international reputation and presence, and having the chance to work overseas with colleagues from all over the world. She knew that Salesforce and the Ad tech world were the right directions to move her career and this is certainly holding true five years later.

Samantha is very appreciative of ADvendio’s CEO Bernd Bube for “believing in me and allowing me this new opportunity. I always felt like there was so much I could contribute to the ADvendio team and to our US clients with the experience I've gained and I’m really excited about the future and how I can shape not only the role, but how ADvendio is positioned in the US market with the support of our growing America’s team.”

“Samatha is a valuable asset to our company, she is a great leader and mentor to her team and she is very driven on growing ADvendio in the US after seeing the potential in the market. The ADvendio team is here to support Samatha as she further embraces her new role in the coming months and we are excited to see where Samantha will take ADvendio in the US,” said ADvendio CEO, Bernd Bube.