Myntelligence Becomes MINT, the New Brand that Creates Real Value from Digital Business, Making the World of ADV Sustainable and Accessible to All


In the digital era, companies are increasingly looking for sustainable business models. In the digital world, sustainability means participating in creating a digital society on a human scale.

MINT, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence algorithms and its ability to automate the advertising planning and buying processes, frees up people's time, creating efficiency and reducing waste.

"Often advertising investments are perceived only as a cost item, both by companies and consumers," explains Andrea Pezzi, CEO of MINT. "It's a cost for companies that complain about the lack of return on investment due to poor orchestration of processes and message optimisation, a waste of human resources that are used to perform repetitive work without any intellectual value, exposing them to errors and inefficiencies. On the other hand, on the consumer side, advertising risks becoming irrelevant when the planning process is inefficient. MINT is a new way of thinking about the business of enterprises and digitised society. With our clients, we are transforming the world of advertising (ADV) by making it automated, intelligent and sustainable, through an advertising automation platform capable of optimising communication spending, not discriminating in favour of the size of the capital invested."

Artificial intelligence and automation are at the heart of MINT's suite of platforms that capitalise on the big data of ADV and optimise the entire process of managing a media campaign in real-time. MINT applies the same technological and intelligent heart to support this strategy and serve businesses of every size. The M1 platform is dedicated to multinational corporations and enterprises, the M2 platform is for small businesses, and M3 is appropriate for micro-businesses. With the launch of these new products, MINT is positioned as the only platform that automates across all advertising distribution channels for all market segments. It's automation and artificial intelligence for all.



As part of this transformation, MINT has become a benefit company and incorporated Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into its bylaws, appointing an internal impact manager.

"For MINT, the community and environment are real shareholders of the company," says Andrea Pezzi, CEO of MINT. "That's why we will dedicate part of our work to finding people whose dreams, if realised, can have a positive social and environmental impact. These are the 'MINTDREAMers.' Each year, the company and customers who want to participate will select people to whom it will donate an unrestricted amount of money. The recipients could be students in need of a scholarship, individuals with an idea they want to realise but lack the appropriate economic resources to do so, or people going through a difficult situation and wishing to recover through the realisation of an idea that would be good and impactful for the community. For an entire year, the recipients' stories and journeys will be shared publicly on MINT's website and the websites of the project's partner companies that want to give it space." 

"Today is an important date as our company embarks on a path of evolution that aims to create a new model and a new culture in the reality in which we operate: one that sees that promoting the good of each individual is the only way to achieve the collective good. We're doing this to establish new rules of the game, pointing the way to a new way of doing things, the only one possible today. Our manifesto, CHANGE YOUR MINTSET, discusses this and the partners who adhere to this cultural revolution, which passes through a technological revolution. We call them MINTSETTERS", concludes Pezzi.


MINT is an international group that operates across 
25 countries in 4 continents from its 3 offices in Milan, London and São Paulo.

MINT's platform, M1, provides advertisers with a single interface to execute their entire media spend on all Ad...

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