Publishers and Brands View Commerce Content as a Key Revenue Driver


impact.com, the leading global partnership management platform supporting over 480K active partnerships for more than 1,800 clients, today (13 October) released two new research reports that reveal key drivers for commerce content and the massive revenue opportunity it presents for digital publishers and brands. Commerce content, published by independent media organisations, allows readers to understand the goods and services promoted by an editorial team.

“Driven by evolving consumer preferences, coupled with the diminishing measurability and trackability of ad success, commerce content is commanding a larger share of marketers’ budget,” said impact.com CEO, David A. Yovanno. “This, in turn, opens up unprecedented revenue growth opportunities for digital publishers.” 

Meanwhile, the survey that examined how brands are faring in the commerce content landscape, was conducted by impact.com with their own customers in August 2021. In particular, the survey showed that 65% of brands said commerce content was an important strategy this year and 40% expect to increase budget in this channel.

With the partnership economy growing, the only way to have a mutually beneficial relationship depends on trust. It’s for this reason that commerce content has become such a major part of the partnership ecosystem and a way for publishers and brands to create a reliable partnership with consumers. 

“Commerce content is only effective when both the publisher and the content provider keep their voices authentic,” added Yovanno. “Trust is foundational. And when that trust is secured, publishers, influencers, affiliates, and readers come together to create a partnership economy, which is made up of the people, services and technologies that enable entities to generate revenue by working together.”