TheViewPoint Announces New Partnership with Cinedigm

Theviewpoint cinedigm

An innovator in digital transformation for over two decades, Cinedigm's core mission is to entertain the world by building a wide portfolio of channels and services for the streaming generation. 

Through a diverse mix of premium SVOD services and dedicated AVOD and FAST channels, Cinedigm's streaming portfolio includes indie films (Fandor), horror (Screambox & Bloody Disgusting), family entertainment (Dove Channel), as well as dedicated channels for iconic entertainers like Bob Ross (The Bob Ross Channel).

Cinedigm is a cutting-edge publisher, dedicated to embracing the latest in CTV trends. A particular focus of the company is to identify the best advertising technologies available, in order to secure the highest revenue possible not only from SVOD content, but from AVOD and FAST as well. That's why Cinedigm was looking for novel ways of expanding its presence on the CTV market. 

TheViewPoint’s programmatic selling solution, TVP Connect, will enable Cinedigm to effortlessly manage its CTV ad inventory in a curated environment. Besides easy private ad exchange navigation, TVP Connect also offers functionality to host Interactive CTV ads that can engage viewers beyond ads’ runtime. This will help Cinedigm to strike deals with advertisers that use innovative advertising elements in their creatives, including gamification, QR codes, TV-text-to-mobile services, and more.

TheViewPoint’s CTV-centred solutions are designed to connect publishers and advertisers on the best possible terms. The company’s team constantly monitors the latest trends in CTV to create opportunities for publishers to earn more on their inventory and ensure supply path optimisation by offering a fixed fee pricing model. 

“Our key focus is to help publishers grow and maximise their earning potential. Cinedigm is an innovative publisher, with its finger firmly on the pulse of CTV development and is also dedicated to discovering the best advertising technologies. We’re excited to have become their partner and provide our programmatic selling solution TVP Connect, and we expect that our technical expertise will create significant monetisation opportunities,” said Keren Pass, business development manager at TheViewPoint. 


TheViewPoint’s platform brings technologically agile monetization solutions for CTV/OTT publishers on par with smart optimization capabilities: a machine learning-powered bidding algorithm, ad pod management, transaction routing, flight, and target...
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