Tech Vendors Piwik PRO & Cookie Information Merge to Give European Marketers More Control Over Their Online Data

Cookie Information, a consent management platform vendor, and Piwik PRO, a digital analytics suite vendor, are merging. The deal is backed by Kirk Kapital, Piwik PRO’s founder, the management team, selected employees at Piwik PRO, and the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark. 

It’s a strategic move to strengthen the offering of privacy-friendly tech in European markets and a natural next step, solidifying the existing long-term partnership of Cookie Information and Piwik PRO.

Cooperation built on trust and respect

Cookie Information and Piwik PRO have a significant customer and partner base and an established position in their respective markets. This transaction aims to reinforce them even further through the operational and strategic alignment of both companies and technological synergies. 

Piwik PRO is a fast-growing company that develops a platform for collecting, analyzing, and activating web & app data. Providing complete, accurate data control throughout the customer journey to ensure the highest security and privacy standards is central to Piwik PRO's value proposition. Piwik PRO’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) increased by almost 80% in the last 12 months, while the number of clients grew by 90%.

Karsten Rendemann, CEO at Cookie Information, said – Piwik PRO has been our trusted business partner for many years, understanding the crucial role of privacy in building a fair and healthy digital ecosystem. Our common goal is to provide marketers with even more technological means to draw meaningful conclusions in a safe and compliant way. With this merger, Cookie Information clients will be able to collect data about their target groups, using a secure and powerful digital analytics platform.

Cookie Information is a privacy tech business headquartered in Denmark, providing a consent management platform (CMP) designed for mid-to-enterprise companies. With the vision of empowering companies to manage user consent effectively, its CMP enables customers to document users' consent for collecting and processing data on their websites, notably via tracking cookies. Cookie Information serves approximately 5,000 customers and holds a leading position in the Nordic market.

Piotr Korzeniowski, Piwik PRO’s CEO, said  – Throughout the years, both organisations supported digital businesses in operating in a privacy-friendly way. Now, we can build on that, delivering robust solutions balancing compliance and business needs. By merging with Cookie Information, we keep our promise to give our users control over how they collect their analytics data. It will broaden our offering and allow our customers to incorporate a powerful consent tool into their marketing stack.

Plan for the future

Both platforms will continue to exist – Piwik PRO’s users can expect easier access and integration with Cookie Information’s consent management platform, while CI’s users will be able to benefit from an analytics platform committed to their privacy–compliance priorities. 

Together, the companies will boast 10,000 user organisations and 225 employees. The merger will make Piwik PRO more accessible to users in Nordic countries and introduce the Cookie Information CMP to users all over Europe. It will ease the shift to first-party strategies, offering marketers an integrated digital analytics suite that gives them the freedom to connect and act on more data, while ensuring privacy compliance every step of the way.

Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO makes powerful, privacy-compliant analytics software and offers high-touch support, so customers can get the most out of their data. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite provides flexible data collection and reports, in addition to consent management,...
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