Cedara Partners with SRI and Alliance Digitale to Offer Standardised Media Carbon Measurement for the Industry

Today (November 7, 2023), Cedara, The Carbon Intelligence Platform, is proud to announce the adoption of the SRI framework produced by SRI and Alliance Digitale.

As part of their commitment to environmental sustainability and accountability, Cedara has moved all media carbon measurement to the widely recognised SRI & Alliance Digitale framework, which has become the leading independent industry standard to measure digital campaign emissions.

The SRI & Alliance Digitale  framework was developed in collaboration with industry experts including environmental organisations and considers various factors such as data centre energy usage, ad serving, and user device emissions to provide a comprehensive assessment of a campaign's carbon footprint. The decision to implement the SRI & Alliance Digitale framework across their media carbon measurement processes solidifies Cedara's dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns. By adopting this framework, Cedara demonstrates its commitment to providing advertisers, agencies, and partners with reliable, standardised data to measure and mitigate the environmental impact of their media campaigns.

"At Cedara, we recognise the critical need to address the environmental impact of digital advertising,” said David Shaw, CEO Cedara. “Our transition to the SRI & Alliance Digitale framework underscores our commitment to transparency and sustainability, offering our clients a standardised and reliable method to measure and reduce carbon emissions associated with their media campaigns."

"We, at SRI, are delighted by the progression of our 2021 initiative aimed at constructing a Framework for computing the carbon footprint of digital campaigns,” said Helene Chartier, Directrice Générale SRI. “Witnessing its expansion through adoption by global companies like Cedara marks a significant milestone. The harmonisation of methodologies stands as a pivotal element in our industry, paving the way for better sustainable practices.

"We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Cedara in implementing the SRI & Alliance Digitale framework for digital media measurement,” said Arthur Millet, Directeur General Alliance Digitale. “This represents a pivotal step towards standardisation within our sector, promising to expedite the adoption of sustainable practices and set a new industry benchmark for environmental responsibility and impact."