Sojern Reveals First Of Its Kind ‘State of Destination Marketing 2024 Report’

Sojern, the leading digital marketing platform built for travel, is excited to announce the launch of the “State of Destination Marketing 2024” report for destination marketing organisations (DMOs). This first-of-its-kind report, produced through a partnership between Sojern and Digital Tourism Think Tank (DTTT), and supported by Brand USA, Destination Canada, and the European Travel Commission, sheds light on the latest industry trends and challenges. 

Based on insights from nearly 300 DMOs, government departments, and affiliated tourism entities worldwide, it explores effective marketing strategies for engaging travellers and offers a glimpse into the future of destination marketing. Sojern commissioned this report to ensure its global destination clients have access to the most comprehensive marketing insights.

The report found that economic uncertainty, inflation, and the cost of living are all having a significant impact on strategies, with more than 50% of respondents considering these to be areas that require careful planning. "As the travel industry undergoes rapid transformation, we remain committed to empowering destinations to navigate these changes effectively,” said Noreen Henry, chief revenue officer, Sojern. “The insights uncovered in our report highlight destination marketers’ strategic priorities and overall approach to digital marketing, while also highlighting the significance of promoting sustainable and diverse tourism and meeting consumers' increasing desire for unique experiences. Working with strategic technology-powered partners like Sojern ensures success in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment.” 

Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Disrupting DMOs

AI is revolutionising marketing and will have a monumental influence on how destinations market to travellers. According to the findings, DMOs anticipate that AI's impact will be most pronounced in content creation, with nearly half (49%) foreseeing significant impact. A growing number of AI tools are transforming creative processes, from long-form content to social media posts.

In addition, 40% of DMOs see significant potential in AI for predictive analysis and forecasting, 38% for data analysis and interpretation, and 37% for marketing content personalisation. However, 71% are currently less confident and see little potential impact in AI’s ability to shape their teams' web, app, and platform creation, and 63% in conversational marketing. DMOs perceive the least impact when it comes to AI on campaign creation and optimisation (29%), creative media (25%) and web, app, platform creation (25%). 

To see the full survey findings and survey methodology, download the “State of Destination Marketing 2024” report here


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