AdInMo Appoints Contextual Tech Guru as Chief Product & Technology Officer


AdInMo, the mobile in-game advertising platform that gets ads into games in a way that players love, has appointed Richard Brindley as chief product & technology officer. Richard holds extensive leadership experience in the merging worlds of ad tech, tech, and product.

Richard has worked extensively in both direct and programmatic ad ecosystems, and brings a wealth of tech and product expertise in scaling digital advertising solutions to the newly created CPTO role. He will oversee the development of AdInMo’s full tech stack and immersive in-game advertising products to meet the needs of both advertisers and mobile game developers while delivering the best in-game brand experience for players.

In particular, Richard will use his experience to oversee development of AdInMo’s data platform, collecting billions of contextual and behavioural signals to power its Player Persona Framework, analysing first party data to create player-level audience addressability to deliver greater relevancy and higher engagement.

Richard Brindley as Chief Product & Technology Officer, AdInMo

AdInMo CEO and co-founder Kristan Rivers says, “Continuing to grow our leadership team is a real privilege; it’s always great to build your dream team and Richard’s extensive experience in ad tech and contextual targeting complements our recent CRO appointment John Rankin’s strong background in ad monetisation.” 

Richard adds, “Being an avid gamer, I’ve always wanted to use my advertising experience in the world of mobile games, and it’s an exciting time to be joining the sector. I fundamentally believe that the combination of contextual signals and first party data augmented by player engagement metrics is the silver bullet for the advertising industry in a post-cookie world - and AdInMo is certainly ready for the challenge."

“The latest release of AdInMo’s In Game Play SDK collects a wealth of privacy-first data signals and combined with our proprietary Player Engagement Score provides something that will be a real game changer for the mass adoption of in-game advertising.”


AdInMo is a mobile in-game advertising platform that gets ads into games in a way players love. Our privacy-first approach to personalisation and immersive ad formats non-intrusively create enhanced brand experiences that keep audiences engaged. P...
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