Piwik PRO Aims for Even Better Product Development with a New CPO & CTO

Digital analytics and data activation vendor Piwik PRO aims to further enhance its growth trajectory by extending top management for better product development capabilities. The current CPO, Kuba Bomba, will assume the new role of CTO, and Kristian Humle Lauritsen will take on the position of CPO. 

Piwik PRO serves 600+ paying customers and thousands of free users with different backgrounds and use cases. 2023 ended strong for the company, with revenue growth of over 66% year-on-year. It also marked the release of two major product updates – the new Customer Data Platform and enhanced ecommerce reporting.  

To meet clients' demands and better adapt to the challenges ahead, Piwik PRO is now reorganising its product management. 

Kristian Humle Lauritsen, the new CPO, has gained rich experience in SaaS product development, emphasising privacy and data security. In his early career, Kristian implemented analytics solutions across corporate sites and developed new digital financial products and services. At Siteimprove, he was part of scaling the brand’s portfolio to eight successful products, including an analytics solution. With Cookie Information, he built out an internal product and development organisation, transforming a single product into a diverse multi-product portfolio.

Kristian Humle Lauritsen: "Joining Piwik PRO, I'm thoroughly impressed with the product's capabilities and the expertise and passion within the organisation. As I get acquainted with the team and processes, I admire everyone’s eagerness for growth and constant product improvement, making it the perfect environment to share my knowledge and experience with. There's a rich history here, and I am committed to building upon this foundation to contribute meaningfully to our future success."

Kuba Bomba, the current CPO, will move to the CTO position. In this new role, he will work with the technical teams to deliver the product roadmap and optimise the development process. Kuba has been with Piwik PRO since day one, working towards its product-related goals and driving growth. As a CPO, he supervised product development and strategy, prioritising innovation and seamless feature integration. He was also in charge of launching the freemium Core plan, which now has more than 10,000 accounts actively tracking data every month. 

Kuba Bomba: "I’m very impressed with Kristian’s experience and leadership skills. We’ve built a strong relationship that bodes well for our cooperation and product development. The roadmap is ambitious, but I’m confident that we will be able to push the boundaries even further and deliver even more value to the users."

Together, Kristian and Kuba will accelerate the implementation of the new product strategy announced in September 2023. Piwik PRO is heading towards becoming the best integrated digital analytics platform. Under the new management, the company has already released a seamless integration between Piwik PRO Analytics Suite and Cookie Information Consent Management Platform. Upcoming plans include adding real-time reporting capabilities, slated for H1 2024.  

Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO makes powerful, privacy-compliant analytics software and offers high-touch support, so customers can get the most out of their data. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite provides flexible data collection and reports, in addition to consent management,...
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