Zeotap Advances in the Telco Industry with Strategic Business Initiatives

Zeotap, the European enterprise customer data solutions provider, is rapidly emerging as a cornerstone in the telecommunications industry through strategic initiatives. By securing deals with major telecom giants like Virgin Media O2, Sky, and TIM, Zeotap has expanded its market share and reinforced its position as a key player in the sector. 

These prominent brands have recently chosen Zeotap as their preferred CDP to enhance customer experiences, orchestrating touchpoints efficiently across channels. To sustain this momentum, Zeotap has further strengthened its advisory board with two seasoned industry leaders, aiming to boost its market growth and affirm its leadership in the telecom sector.

Kai-Uwe Laag, with his extensive background in telecommunications at Vodafone and Telefonica, as former CEO retail and omnichannel director, adds invaluable insight into leading successful business change strategies. His expertise in enhancing customer engagement through personalisation and orchestrating touchpoints efficiently underpins a holistic omnichannel approach, which is essential for crafting an effective Telco business strategy. Laag expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "I'm excited to help Zeotap navigate the complexities of digital transformation in the telecom industry, ensuring sustainable growth through strategic customer engagement."

Jens Schulte-Bockum, recently announced as a new investor and shareholder, offers his expertise from roles such as the former CEO of Vodafone Germany and former Group COO at MTN Group. With a remarkable track record in overseeing large-scale transformations within converged telecom operations, Jens brings a wealth of expertise to Zeotap. His deep understanding of consumer, enterprise, and the overall telecommunications sector positions him as a strategic asset for the company’s expansion plans.

Schulte-Bockum highlighted, “Throughout my career, I have been committed to driving innovation and transformation within the telecom sector. Zeotap’s dedication to providing a CDP that helps telcos unify teams and data across silos, rethinking how teams collaborate and delivering real commercial outcomes in record-breaking times, is a game-changer. I look forward to contributing to Zeotap’s continued success.”

Daniel Heer, co-founder and CEO of Zeotap, added "Zeotap's efforts are intensely focused on conquering more brands in verticals where our Customer Data Platform stands out as the ideal solution. With its core features and capabilities, the Zeotap CDP is uniquely equipped to address the complex challenges faced by Telco enterprises today. We are committed to proving that our platform is the best fit for this sector, driving value and delivering unparalleled results for our clients." 


Zeotap's mission is to make customer data easy, secure, and impactful. It empowers the world's most innovative brands to deliver personalised omni-channel customer experiences more efficiently while ensuring compliance. Zeotap CDP is a customer data...
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