Tappx Reduced GHG Emissions by 33% in 2023 & Maintains its Commitment to Carbon Footprint Neutrality

Tappx, the leading ad tech company offering technology for in-app, web, and CTV digital advertising, has announced the first results of its ambitious sustainability programme which focuses on decarbonising its operations. This initiative has been a relevant step forward in the digital advertising industry, and the results highlight the Tappx commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and making a positive contribution to a more sustainable future. 

In 2023, Tappx was able to significantly lower its CO2e emissions by a total of 62 tons. This means a 33.3% reduction in comparison to 2022, which is a noteworthy success that reflects the organisation’s great efforts. What’s more, Tappx is considered carbon-neutral for the second year in a row since it has compensated for all of the emissions it generated last year. This reaffirms its dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

“The numbers presented by Tappx are a result of internal awareness of the importance of sustainability and implementing the first steps towards decarbonisation within the company,” said Daniel Reina, CEO of Techsoulogy. “These actions have been crucial to progress towards a more ecological and responsible operational model as a continuation of the commitment made in 2022 to compensate our emissions.” 

Tappx has been estimating its emissions and fully compensating its carbon footprint since 2022. When Tappx started estimating its carbon footprint, it discovered that its emissions were less than half the industry average and has since implemented effective decarbonisation strategies, reaching zero emissions in Scope 1 and Scope 2. And more recently it began strategically collaborating with the British firm 51 to Carbon Zero in a view to reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and is working with its ecosystem of partners to jointly lower Scope 3 emissions. 

The emissions results presented by Tappx position the firm as one of the most innovative ad tech companies on the market, clearly reflecting not only the Tappx commitment to the planet and society, but also its leadership within the digital advertising industry when it comes to implementing sustainable practices. 

“The digital advertising market has a major responsibility as far as carbon emissions. At Tappx, we firmly believe everyone is responsible for being aware of the need to reduce our emissions. We are committed to continue leading by example, and driving greater awareness and action throughout the industry,” concluded Daniel Reina. 

: Tappx

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