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  • APAC Driving Mobile Usage; Digital Pay Gap

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: APAC driving mobile usage; Digital pay gap; and a third of the population on social.

    APAC driving mobile usage

    Global mobile device usage is expected to reach more than 5.5 billion users by 2022, according to Forrester Data.

    Powered by rising mobile adoption in Asia Pacific and Africa, mobile penetration is [...]

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  • The New ROI: Return on Influence

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  • Ad Fraud Breaches the Trust Between Networks, Publishers & Advertisers: Q&A with Tim Koschella, AppLift

    With global ad revenue wasted on fraudulent traffic reaching into double-figure billions in 2017, ad fraud remains an issue in the programmatic industry. Tim Koschella (pictured below), CEO and co-founder of AppLift, speaks to ExchangeWire about aligning with advertisers’ needs and combining forces within the industry as a whole to protect the reputation of ad tech.

    ExchangeWire: AppLift started in 2012, focusing on the gaming sector. What made you decide to expand beyond that particular sector?

    Tim Koschella: The mobile landscape is ever-evolving. When [...]

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  • Ad Networks That Compete on Price Won't Last in China

    An intense price war has been waging between performance ad networks in China; but competing based on price is unsustainable and will not prevent advertisers from jumping ship.

    Richard O’Connell, general manager of MobAir’s China operations, observes that some ad networks in the country have been willing to lose money on deals in a bid to win big deals and reflect a positive showing for investors. However, with investor capital drying up, networks that have depended primarily on a price strategy [...]

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  • Advertisers Must Tune into SEA Consumers' Video Habits

    Consumers in Southeast Asia have taken to video somewhat differently from their global counterparts; so marketers need to tune into these requirements to better engage their target audience. Here, AOL’s Asia and ANZ managing director Alex Khan (pictured below), writes about the ‘sense of urgency’ in how this region’s mobile-driven consumers are accessing video and why advertisers need to do better.

    Over the years, we’ve seen user behaviour change on the big screen. TV viewers have become impatient. They don’t [...]

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  • Digital Has Allowed London Fashion Week to Bridge Runway & Retail

    We see reports about the challenges the high street is facing daily. Most recently, the BRC’s post-Christmas sales showed the challenge of driving footfall. In January, footfall was 1.3% down on a year ago, indicating that shoppers are turning to online. In this piece, Megan Dado (pictured below), regional senior director, Rakuten Marketing, explains how new digital technology is allowing consumers to get their hands on fashion collections faster – and it is exciting shoppers, presenting numerous [...]

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  • Navigating Influencer Marketing: Sponsorship Rule Breakers, Transparency Trust & Code of Conduct

    What was the first social network you fired up this morning? Whether it was Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook – chances are you were duped. As you scrolled through dozens of photos and status updates, it is likely that many of them were not spur-of-the-moment missives sent by their account-holders but, rather, marketing messages sponsored by other brands. Whether it is PewDiePie endorsing a video game, or DJ Khaled promoting a vodka brand, this kind of approach is now a big deal. Solberg [...]

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  • Advertising Models Must Evolve to Better Support APAC Marketers

    The advertising world today is still running on old models that need to evolve with technological advancements, so marketers finally can effectively push customised ads tailored to individual customers, and in an omnichannel environment.

    Business agility was key, especially in a world populated with mobile devices and social media platforms, said Jamie Anderson, SAP Hybris’ senior vice president and CMO, at the company’s digital summit in Singapore. The SAP business specialised in software for customer engagement and commerce across digital channels.

    Anderson [...]

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  • As the Homepage Starts to Flounder, Publishers Need to Look to Social Influencers

    Can publishers expect to rely on the same volumes of homepage traffic that they historically enjoyed? With readers discovering content in new ways, particularly through the likes of social media, is the traditional homepage on the decline? If this is true, and the evolution of content consumption continues to favour social over checking the daily news site, then how can publishers ensure they are still able to achieve the same reach? Rich Routman (pictured below), president, Minute Media, believes [...]

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  • Snap Inc Popped on Their First Day, But the Crackle Needs to Come from Monetisation

    Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP) opened on the New York Stock Exchange at USD$24 (£16.42) yesterday (2 March); 41% above the USD$17 (£11.63) issue price. Their strong opening was only bettered by their continued first-day performance, hitting a high of USD$26.05 (£17.82) and closing 44% above their issue price, at USD$24.48 (£16.75).

    The 44% jump spells payday for their early investors: the investment banks and their VC investors, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Benchmark. But where does the company go from here? Cautious analysts are [...]

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