• Programmatic Is Not an Excuse for a Lack of Creativity: Q&A with Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA, Sublime Skinz

    Identifying the user and connecting the customer journey across devices and platforms is fundamental to maintaining creativity in video advertising, believes Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA, Sublime Skinz. Speaking exclusively with ExchangeWire, Buckman explains how creativity in video can still thrive in a programmatic environment.

    ExchangeWire: What does the future of digital video look like?

    Andrew Buckman: Mobile devices will drive the growth of digital video consumption. The latest Zenith Online Video Forecast indicates fixed device viewing is already reaching a peak, while [...]

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  • It’s Time to Trust the Video Everywhere Environment: Q&A with Josh Speyer, AerServ

    Speaking to ExchangeWire, Josh Speyer (pictured below), CEO, AerServ, discusses the changes mobile publishers can focus on to make it easier for TV dollars to move into the channel, and what traditional TV media buyers need in order to feel more receptive to embracing mobile video.

    ExchangeWire: Mobile advertising has been one of the top reasons for expanded digital video budgets. What kinds of systems and processes are TV media buyers using now that can be potential challenges (and opportunities) for [...]

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  • Publishers Need a Tech Stack Built for Video: Q&A with Dvir Doron, Cedato

    Out of the challenges publishers face, being technically prepared for the complexities video presents is at the top of the list for such a valuable revenue channel. Dvir Doron (pictured below), CMO, Cedato, speaks with ExchangeWire about the importance of tightly integrated technology and the advantages of video header bidding.

    ExchangeWire: What are the key pain points for publishers in the video marketplace?

    Dvir Doron: Video definitely represents the most promising revenue opportunity for publishers these days, and is probably [...]

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  • Netflix Trounces Analysts' Expectations in Q2 Earnings

    Through adding a whopping 5.2 million total subscribers, versus the company forecast of 3.2 million, Netflix soared past Q2 growth targets, both on the domestic and international fronts. 

    The company was rewarded with an 8% rise in stock price in the immediate aftermath of its earnings report, hitting an all-time high in after-hours trading.

    What caused Netflix’s growth to surge?

    “In Q2, we underestimated the popularity of our strong slate of content which led to higher-than-expected acquisition across all major territories”, Netflix wrote [...]

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  • IAB AU Releases Ad Effectiveness Glossary; Whitepaper Looks at China's Programmatic Video Market

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: IAB AU releases ad effectiveness glossary; Whitepaper looks at China’s programmatic video market; Publicis acquires AU agency; Brightcove expands consulting business to ANZ; and comScore brings Extended Video reporting to China.

    IAB AU releases ad effectiveness glossary

    The recently-established Ad Effectiveness Council of IAB Australia has completed its first project aimed at helping the digital community assess the [...]

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  • Changing Channels; Comfort Buying on Smartphones

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Changing channels; Comfort buying on smartphones; and Safety of smart devices. 

    Changing channels

    Children and teenagers are increasingly watching TV through smartphones and using on-demand services, finds research by MediaCom.

    A third (33%) of teenagers regularly view TV content via a smartphone, significantly more than the 25% who did so in 2016. Alongside [...]

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  • 5 Ways Holistic Will Change Video Advertising Globally

    As audience viewing preferences continue to shift towards watching video anytime and anywhere, and platforms and devices continue to multiply, the media industry is seeing video advertising evolve into a more robust format that can reach viewers whenever and wherever they are watching. Writing for ExchangeWire, Paula Minardi, head of content strategy, Ooyala, explains that, with this evolution to multi-screen experiences, premium video publishers and broadcasters across the globe have been increasingly prioritising programmatic video advertising – automated, data-driven video ad [...]

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  • Thanks to Technology, Video Creation Has Been Democratised: Q&A with Dror Ginzberg, CEO & Co-Founder, Wochit

    As advertiser and publisher investment in video continues to grow at a huge scale, the breaking down of barriers to the development of video content and distribution, as well as the realisation of economies of production scale, are starting to happen. ExchangeWire speak with Dror Ginzberg, CEO and co-founder, Wochit about video creation at scale.

    ExchangeWire: Has the power of video been fully realised by advertisers?

    Dror Ginzberg: Bill Gates famously wrote that ‘content is king’ in 1996; and since [...]

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  • Video is About True Customer Engagement, Not Just Viewability: Q&A with Tod Loofbourrow, ViralGains

    Video advertising is becoming more and more of a preferred medium to advertise and engage with potential customers; but there are different rules for video compared to traditional display advertising. Tod Loofbourrow (pictured below), CEO, ViralGains, explains how much more than basic viewability data and measurement should go into a successful video campaign.

    ExchangeWire: How are people using video today that’s different than the past?

    Tod Loofbourrow: Marketers have finally realised that video is a different ballgame than display [...]

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  • Krush Reaches Millennial Users With Highly Targeted Video Ads: Q&A with Jeff Chi, Krush

    The ability to target millennials is a coveted asset to any advertiser. And Krush, with their successful video app, ooVoo, has tapped into this audience with their massive number of registered users. ExchangeWire speak with Jeff Chi (pictured below), VP, Ad Sales and Monetization, Krush about extending the reach of video campaigns to their unique millennial audience across their premium apps and websites in partnership with Videology.

    ExchangeWire: Krush have an interesting publisher mix, what are some of the [...]

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