ATS Paris 2013

ATS Paris 2013
14th Nov 2013

ATS Paris 2013 is back!

The premier, data-driven event for the French online advertising industry will return to Paris on November 14, 2013. ATS Paris 2013 will focus on current data and technology trends in French digital advertising.

The industry in France has seen some significant and unique changes over the last year, including the rise of publisher consortiums with La Place Media and Audience Squared now established in the local market, and the uptake of programmatic buying in video and TV which is accelerating faster in France than anywhere else in Europe. Online video will be a big focus of the event this year, given the significant shift of budgets into this channel.

ATS Paris 2013 will offer the opportunity to hear more from those involved at the forefront of these trends, as well as from thought leaders who are shaping the direction of the industry from here. The event will include detailed dialogue examining what differentiates the market in France from elsewhere, and how this compares to growth and trends seen across Europe, the UK and the US. The event promises the best content and insight from local players on the key issues affecting the market-place in France.

ATS Paris 2013 will feature THE biggest names in the industry and the most influential participants, providing the audience with the best content and insight from local players on the key issues aftecting the industry in France. Be sure to secure your ticket today here: https://atsparis2013.eventbrite.com/

ATS Paris is a predominantly French speaking event, with an English/French translation service available.

Speakers now confirmed include:

- Vincent Karachira, Founder & CEO, Next Performance
- Alexis Marcombe, CEO, Audience Square
- Anne Peiré, Business Director, EMEA, Adap TV
- Sophie Davidas, Business Development Director, France, SpotXchange
- Alain Sanjaume, Senior European Consultant, Exelate
- Jean-Baptise Rouet, MD, Vivaki
- Erwan Le Page, Consultant
- Julien Gardes, Country Manager, France, Rubicon Project
- Shane Shevlin, Director of Business Development, EMEA, IPONWEB
- James Prudhomme, CEO, Datacratic
- Martin Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO, Infectious Media
- Zuzanna Gierlinksa, Managing Director, UK, BlueKai
- Yann Le Roux, MD Matiro (1000Merics Group)
- Frederic Prigent, Country Manager, France, PubMatic
- Sebastien Robin, COO, Affiperf Global
- David Baranes, Country Manager, Southern Europe, AppNexus
- Vihan Sharma, Managing Director France, Acxiom
- Vincent Tessier, Head of Mobile, La Place Media
- Gareth Davies, Co-Founder & CEO, Adbrain
- Bichoï Bastha, Global Indirect Revenues Director, Dailymotion
- Eric Clemenceau, Managing Director France, Rocket Fuel
- Jérôme Grateau, Managing Director, Business Partner Solutions EMEA, Google
- Nicolas Thorin, Directeur de M6 publicité Digital
- Anne de Kerckhove, Managing Director, Southern Europe, Videology
- Thibaut Munier, Co-Founder, 1000Mercis
- Cyril Zimmermann, CEO, Hi-Media

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