Programmatic Masters 2017 - Singapore

Programmatic Masters Agenda


10.00: Introduction

10:15: Ice-Breaker

10:30: What is Programmatic?
– Programmatic in APAC landscape
– Why run programmatic?
– What platforms are programmatic? Types of ad inventory
– Available inventory (Open auction, private auction, preferred deals)
– Developing a single customer view

11:00: Q&A and Activity

11:20: How it works and how to start implementing it?
– How real-time bidding works
– Understanding the programmatic landscape
– Role of data in programmatic
– Understanding the data landscape

12:15: Activity

12:30: LUNCH

13:30: Planning your programmatic campaign
– How to drive your marketing strategy forward with programmatic
– Plan: Define your objectives, review your data, plan your strategy and tactics
– Set-up: Understand your partners, define your creative, set up analytics & reporting
– Run & Optimise: Run your programmatic campaign, optimise against your objectives, leverage your data and insights for future work

14:10: The Trade Desk

14:40: Activity

15:10: BREAK

15.25: Brand Safety, Verification and Ad Fraud

15:45: Measuring programmatic
– What can we measure?
– How do we measure?
– Who to work with?
– Guest: Sparkline
– Tracking and understanding the consumer journey
– Cross channel measurement
– Setting up a testing approach

16.25: The Future of Programmatic
– Programmatic beyond display and video: TV, outdoor
– Linking your data and technology ecosystems: adtech and martech

16.40: Your next steps: how to apply what you’ve learned

17.00: END

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