Allroll Launches Marketing Platform for Roku, Drives 60% More Installs with Same Budgets

Allroll, an innovative ad tech company for channel owners on Roku, has announced the launch of its platform, setting a new movement of performance-based advertising on Roku. The core purpose of the platform is to enable content providers of the platform to rapidly and cost-efficiently grow their audience. It offers 60% more installs for the budget directly spent on a native channel install source.

Allroll identifies the platform’s mission as providing unmatched opportunities for channel owners on Roku in stores. The platform offers granular targeting options, namely by geo, app category, interest, frequency capping, budget, event capping, etc. Moreover, there is an opportunity to optimise ad campaigns by experimenting with CPM, CPI, and CPC price models that are lower in rates. Channel owners are also able to reach out to their audiences with the help of basic ad formats: carousel banners, overlay full-screen ads, and videos.

The company sees significant potential in the CTV and OTT market, as these media redefine the models of content consumption. Last year, viewership on CTV was already skyrocketing, and the lockdown only amplified the trend. As of March, 76% of households in the USA had at least one connected TV device. And Roku, with its estimated 40 million active accounts, is among the market leaders, which is the major reason Allroll started with this CTV marketing channel.

“We’ve developed a platform exclusively for Roku channel owners to achieve business objectives easily and affordably. Even though we’ve started just recently, we already displayed 6 million banners during the previous month. And as the OTT world is expanding and the Roku platform is growing its audience, more and more content distributors will be looking for ways to improve their viewership. We intend to establish productive long-term partnerships and work more on personalisation and analytical aspects in terms of CTV advertising, now on Roku in particular” says Alex Zakrevsky, CEO of Allroll. 


Allroll allows channel owners to reach the audience through multiple relevant channels on Roku and place ads in front of millions of viewers, target them through demographic, interests, location, multiple devices, and other parameters. We help advert…
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