Silverbullet’s Context Outcome Engine, 4D, Integrates with IRIS.TV to Help Marketers Scale Brand Safe Messaging in a Cookieless Environment


For the first time, marketers can have 100% confidence in where their video ads are being safely placed thanks to 4D’s integration with IRIS.TV.

Marketers now can leverage 4D’s advanced computer vision context segments to execute cookieless, interest-based targeting, on brand-suitable inventory - at scale across thousands of IRIS-enabled CTV and online video publishers, and billions of monthly video impressions worldwide.

This new integration between IRIS.TV and Silverbullet’s Context Outcome Engine, 4D, addresses advertisers’ demands for privacy-friendly solutions to reach target audiences in the post-cookie era, and the need to safely target the way contextual video is bought and sold for marketers.

Traditionally, contextual solutions were built for display advertising via keyword and semantic analysis to improve display advertising targeting. However, this still exposed brands to unsafe advertising environments. Instead, 4D has built an industry-first context outcome engine to offer brand protection from racist or toxic content, to ensure brand safety and suitability are always managed correctly focused specifically on the burgeoning video landscape, which has different challenges to those of display.

4D’s contextual video solution allows marketers to identify interest-based audiences without cookies on high-quality, brand suitable inventory. These include:

● Video image and audio track analysis to surface the true context of a video;

● Logo recognition to enable targeting of specific brand product placements and brand categories;

● Celebrity facial recognition to help brands own all moments associated with their key spokespeople; and

● Audio track contextualisation.

The 4D solution will now be integrated into IRIS.TV’s video data marketplace, which brings together video and CTV publishers, contextual data partners, ad servers, and SSPs so publishers’ video content can be analysed and categorised into industry-accepted, brand-safe, and brand-suitable segments for purchase by marketers through any DSP via direct, private marketplace, and open auction buying.

Silverbullet’s 4D Context Outcome Engine leverages its data DNA expertise acquired through helping global brands, including: Heineken, FCA, D&G and Channel 4, and combines it with machine learning to bring contextual targeting ‘back to the future’.

Together, 4D and IRIS.TV will provide marketers, publishers, and content developers with a comprehensive understanding of a video’s context to drive better and more engaging and relevant customer experiences.

Umberto Torrielli, co-founder and CSO at Silverbullet and 4D, says he is delighted to launch a relationship with IRIS.TV, the global leader in video data connectivity in order to bring 4D “inside the video”. “In light of the third-party cookie demise, advertisers and publishers alike are seeking new ways to reach audiences in a compliant privacy-friendly way. Leveraging IRIS.TV’s unique marketplace will allow us to connect customers with contextual intelligence, driving brand safety and in-the-moment marketing.”

Bill Swanson, EMEA strategy lead for IRIS.TV, says he is excited to welcome Silverbullet and 4D to its data marketplace. “Silverbullet has long been an industry leader for marketing transformational products and services, and is best placed to scale 4D as we step into the new marketing age of a first-party data driven future, in a post-cookie world. Joining our marketplace means 4D customers will be able to unlock the potential of advanced contextual video. This is a win for everyone: brands, publishers, and consumers.”