As Data Landscape Transforms, Eyeota’s Approach to Identity and First-Party Data Onboarding Deepens Its Global Impact


Eyeota, the leading data partner to global enterprises, announce that its long-standing interoperable and ID-agnostic approach to data has prompted significant  global growth and deepened marketplace relevance over the past year.

Among the milestones that testify to Eyeota’s ongoing and accelerating growth in international markets, the company now serves 188 international markets in all major global regions, with its consumer-friendly cohort onboarding technology being leveraged across 35 different countries. Eyeota has expanded its footprint by launching a new tech hub in Pune, India, which joins offices currently established in New York, London, Berlin, Singapore, and Sydney. The company has also expanded headcount by 17, including the additions of Rob Armstrong as VP of product and Aditya Kulkarni as VP of engineering. Ashwini Karandikar, formerly of Dentsu Aegis and now senior advisor to McKinsey & Company, also joined the company as a Board Advisor.

Eyeota’s expertise dealing in international markets has been thrust centre-stage as US marketers contend with new data restrictions and a wave of privacy regulations that closely resemble policies that have long been in effect in other regions. Moving forward, U.S. marketers are now joining the ranks of global marketers in the need to find solutions for onboarding and activating first-party data to drive targeting and acquisition. Eyeota’s focus on international growth is mirrored in the extension of specific partnerships over the past year: GfK extended its Eyeota partnership into a total of 17 global markets and Eyeota now lights up Equifax’s digital audiences in four markets outside the US.

“2020 really proved that change is the only constant in the data ecosystem,” said Kristina Prokop, CEO of Eyeota. “Our approach has been to develop solutions for a future where marketers need to rely on first-party data to drive more of their efforts, and where they will need maximum flexibility in terms of where and how they activate that data across different regions and regulatory regimes. Many of our customers have navigated that reality for years, and we feel well positioned to help US-based companies for whom that reality is fast approaching.”

Further expanding Eyeota’s platform capabilities, 2021 also saw the launch of Eyeota Translate, its new agnostic identity solution for creating global data interoperability that enables customers to onboard, enrich and activate data in their platform of choice. Connecting all areas of data input that collect audience identifiers, such as mobile IDs, hashed email, contextual data, first-party data, and more, Translate probabilistically and deterministically matches IDs using Eyeota’s proprietary cross-device graph. In a year of seismic change for agencies and marketers, estimates suggesting that over $10 billion in advertising revenue will be lost due to a lack of third-party identifiers - Eyeota Translate couldn’t have been a more necessary industry advancement.