GroupM (WPP) Partners With Adomik For Even More Transparency in its Reporting Activities

groupm adomik

GroupM (WPP) – the world’s leading advertising investment company  announced a partnership with Adomik, the leading AdTech software developer and provider of smart advertising analytics for publishers. The latter has released support for the reporting activities of GroupM’s (WPP) publishers and agencies.

Thanks to this collaboration, GroupM’s Programmatic Department (Programmatic Business Unit, PBU) has direct and real-time access to its programmatic investments made with market-leading publishers (e.g., Unify, Media.Figaro, Le Bon Coin, Le Point, Prisma Media, 366, Webedia), regardless of the mode of purchase — auctions or fixed prices. The major difficulty in the programmatic ecosystem lies in the traceability of the financial flows of an advertising campaign from end-to-end and, therefore, in the reconciliation between the expenses of the advertiser and the revenues of the publisher (even with several DSPs and SSPs involved).

Adomik’s dynamic Report App now makes it possible to accurately connect the actual expenses of all of GroupM’s DSP seats (more than five DSPs and 25 seats in total, divided between agencies and advertisers) with all of the SSPs the publishers use (more than 20 in total) and to provide reliable reports more easily. Thus, GroupM can now reduce the differences between agency reports and publisher reports to less than 5%, including on open auctions.

“The Adomik Reporting for Agency program enables complete transparency in the programmatic supply chain for the first time,” said Nicolas Schueller, Adomik CEO. 

“The partnership between Adomik and GroupM is in line with our DNA, based on transparency. We particularly appreciate the established and trusting relationships between publishers and Adomik and the time savings that this solution brings to our teams,” said Laurence Milhau, managing director of GroupM digital at GroupM France.