Kevel Partners with Green Places to Become Carbon Neutral


Kevel, a leading provider of ad serving APIs, announce a new partnership with Green Places, a network that helps businesses become more sustainable. The ongoing partnership will enable Kevel to offset its company footprint and is part of Kevel’s recurring commitment to both offset and reduce carbon emissions. 

Kevel recognise that, like most companies, its work has an environmental impact. Through this partnership, Green Places calculated Kevel’s initial carbon footprint, analysed where it is generated, and found verified carbon projects to offset the impact of the emissions. Projects include planting and protecting trees, building solar panels, and more. In 2021, Kevel will offset 654 metric tons of carbon. This is the equivalent of removing 142 cars off the road. 

In addition to annual carbon offsetting, Kevel will work with Green Places to build out better strategies to reduce its carbon footprint and make a more sustainable business. 

“The environmental impact we have at Kevel is greatly important to us, so we are excited to take this step in making our company carbon neutral,” says James Avery, Kevel’s CEO and founder. “Our number one core value is that we’re adults, and adults clean up after themselves. Partnering with Green Places allows us to do that.” 

“We are proud to see Kevel doing its part to learn about its carbon footprint and taking action. They have already implemented a variety of measures, and we are pleased to already see the impact we have made working with Kevel,” says Alex Lassiter, CEO. “We look forward to helping them build their sustainable strategy further, and see what else this partnership will bring.” 


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