TheViewPoint Partners with Stirista to Unlock the Power of Connected TV

theviewpoint stirista

TheViewPoint, a SaaS video ad monetisation platform for CTV/OTT publishers, announce a new partnership with Stirista, the leader in data-driven SaaS marketing solutions in providing premium programmatic CTV inventory. 

Stirista’s clients including household brands and agencies tap into Stirista’s wide-range of solutions to help them solve complex data and media challenges across all digital marketing channels, from CTV and display to social and email. The added programmatic CTV inventory provided by TheViewPoint will further strengthen Stirista’s position in the space and help their clients drive growth with addressable TV campaigns.  

"Data quality and measurability are incredibly important in the design and execution of highly measurable and accountable campaigns and we take great care and responsibility in having the highest CTV and OTT match rates in the industry,” said Stirista EVP of product and marketing Hamid Qayyum. “Partnerships with industry leaders like TheViewPoint help us to continue our mission of helping brands and agencies run highly effective, targeted and measurable campaigns in the most sought-after inventory in the market.” 

TheViewPoint offers their demand partners access to the growing audience of cord-cutters and cord-nevers, as well as advanced measurement tools, and entry to high-quality CTV inventory. This ensures that an ad is shown to the right people at the right time, leading to better campaign results. 

For Stirista’s customers, this partnership will further enhance the strengths of CTV as a powerful component of their omni-channel marketing initiatives. The partnership also allows Stirista access to high quality U.S. CTV inventory from Political and Multicultural verticals via TheViewPoint.

“At TheViewPoint, we know that CTV is one of the most rapidly growing channels in digital media and is a crucial component of any omni-channel marketing strategy. Access to high-quality CTV inventory, which we provide to our demand partners, is one of the keys to successful advertising campaigns. By ensuring Stirista’s clients reach new channels and audiences, we will help them make use of all CTV's possibilities to increase awareness as well as engagement, and drive incremental reach in this promising, modern environment,” said David Zenna, sales director at TheViewPoint.