AudioMob Teams Up with Oracle Moat to Provide World's First In-game Audio Ad Verification


Today (14 December), AudioMob, the tech company that develops in-game audio ads announced that they have collaborated with Oracle Moat, part of Oracle Advertising, to provide the world's first in-game audio ad verification. 

AudioMob allows advertisers to reach diverse audiences while allowing game developers to monetise their games without interrupting gameplay using audio ads.

Collaborating with Oracle Moat, AudioMob has access to the measurement and marketing analytics suite designed to help advertisers, publishers, and platforms measure media performance.

When advertisers run campaigns, measurement and verification are crucial in building trust in the AudioMob format. The Oracle Moat offering will provide independent verification that an audio ad has been served into a mobile game or app.

In turn, the AudioMob Ad Platform will allow advertisers to verify ad delivery using Oracle Moat reports. This will include ad delivery metrics and fraudulent activity monitoring. This allows advertisers to have full confidence when running campaigns with AudioMob.

Wilfrid Obeng, co-founder and CTO at AudioMob says, "collaborating with Oracle Moat is an important next step in formalising the in-game audio ads standard and building a fair and open verification standard. This marks the beginning of our journey and will continue to iterate and share our approach with the IAB and other advertising bodies.”

Mark Kopera, head of product, Moat for Oracle Advertising added, "Oracle’s collaboration with AudioMob gives advertisers the confidence and tools they need to measure whether an audio ad was served to a human, detect any fraudulent ad activity inside games, and make more informed buying decisions. As the gaming industry continues to grow and become a key area of investment for advertisers, we look forward to continuing our work with AudioMob to further define these important in-game audio ads standards."

Following on from the AudioMob and IAB whitepaper, AudioMob will continue to define the in-game audio ads standard with Oracle. Together they will spearhead the in-game audio ads standard and verification.


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