Verve Group Rebrands Beemray to Moments.AI™, Launches Next-Generation Data Platform for Contextual Targeting

Verve Group

Verve Group has announced the launch of Moments.AI™ (formerly Beemray), the first of its kind, real-time contextual targeting solutions for brands, further strengthening its position as a leader in privacy-first advertising solutions.

The acquisition of Beemray’s data platform in 2021 fueled the expansion of Verve Group’s product portfolio to include offerings that empower marketers to maximise outcomes without cookies or identifiers. Beemray has now been renamed to Moments.AI™ following its integration with Verve Group’s programmatic suite. 

“With the upcoming phaseout of cookies, it’s important for marketers to move from testing to scaling alternate solutions. Contextual marketing is the most scalable alternative, even more so for global brands,” said Miles Pritchard, managing partner at OMD EMEA. “With Moments.AI™, we deliver business continuity and growth in a privacy-friendly approach to the cookieless world.”

Contextual platforms have historically been held back by slow processing times, poor quality of content classification, and a lack of accuracy in targeting. With Moments.AI™, brands can access fresh content instantly with high-quality contextual segments curated towards capturing consumer attention based on visual content analysis, keywords, semantics, and meta tags — all within milliseconds. Content is analysed and broken down by multiple dimensions to allow for precise and accurate audience targeting. Moments.AI™’s breakthrough pre-bid technology and in-flight optimisations can scale contextual advertising campaigns on the open internet by activating content as they’re published. 

With personalised targeting diminishing, contextual targeting is being considered more seriously as an alternative. While the deprecation of cookies may have been delayed, marketers have a small time frame in which they can test and iterate on alternate solutions. The time to act is now by being an early adopter of solutions that can offer superior targeting capabilities. With Moments.AI™, marketers can future-proof campaigns with easy setup and operational efficiency. 

“We are excited to empower brands with an innovative solution with proven results to reach consumers in meaningful ways,” said Sameer Sondhi, co-chief executive officer at Verve Group. “On a broader level, the launch of Moments.AI™ is a step towards our vision of providing partners with complementary solutions from our acquisitions of niche advertising solutions, and expanding the global rollout of these solutions. This is the beginning of Verve Group's consumer-first future, where consumers understand the value exchange for content, and brands benefit from smartly applying insights.”

Pioneered over five years, and tried and tested for the rigors of GDPR in Europe, Moments.AI™ presents a new opportunity for brands to access contextually relevant audiences efficiently and seamlessly. Brands can target trending topics and increase performance from highly engaged audiences in a brand-safe manner, providing an opportunity to move away from clicks and to optimise towards consumer attention instead. More than 700 IAB and 11 GARM brand-safe segments can be accessed, or custom segments can be created to achieve campaign goals.

Verve Group

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