MINT the Carbon-Neutral Advertising Platform which Helps Sustain & Preserve Our Planet

MINT is launching a new way of sustainable advertising by offering its clients a new platform feature to offset the carbon emissions that advertising produces. By transforming traditional campaigns into carbon-neutral campaigns, the brand allows its advertiser clients to take responsibility for the impact of their advertising activities. 

According to data published by the Environmental impact assessment of online advertising,  2.3% of our planet’s total emissions could be attributed to online advertising.  

We are now all aware of how harmful CO2 emissions are to the climate. MINT is responding to this challenge with a service that allows the advertiser to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions and offset them by issuing a certificate to the advertiser. Offsetting takes place through investments in certified offset projects. 

MINT calculates both the ecological footprint, which is the indicator that assesses human consumption of natural resources in relation to the earth's capacity to regenerate them and the cost of offsetting which is activated on projects identified by the client. 

"For MINT, the community and the environment are real shareholders in the company,"  says Andrea Pezzi-CEO of MINT. "We transform the world of advertising in a way that makes  it automated, intelligent, and sustainable, helping preserve the planet." 

The calculation is based on scientific methodology provided by ClimatePartner, a company committed to globally improving the living conditions of people, animals, and our biosphere. 

"We are delighted to support MINT, who have always been innovators and leaders in the world of advertising," says Francesca Milani- ClimatePartner’s commercial sustainability manager. - "Once again, they have seen in advance how all sectors are called upon to play  their part in the fight against climate change, and how advertising can be an exponent of this  message to millions of consumers."


MINT is a world-leading SaaS company in the Advertising Resource Management (ARM) sector, headquartered  in New York with an international presence in London, Paris, Munich, Milan, Rome and São Paulo.
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