ID5 Becomes the First Identity Provider To Receive Neutronian Certification

ID5, the market leading identity solution provider, announced today that it is the first identity provider in the industry to receive certification from Neutronian. The certification confirms that its privacy-first IdentityCloud suite, incorporating both cookieless and cookie-based identity solutions, meets or exceeds industry standards.

Neutronian Certification is a comprehensive, independent verification of data quality and compliance based on the Neutronian Quality Index (NQI™) data quality scoring framework. Specifically, ID5 was awarded Neutronian’s General Certification, which is an evaluation across five categories of the Neutronian Data Quality Framework — consent and compliance, sourcing transparency, dataset characteristics, methodology and processing, and performance.

"Our certification from Neutronian is a strong, third-party endorsement of our capabilities and further validates our mission to provide an efficient and comprehensive identity solution that supports the entire ecosystem while keeping users’ consent at the forefront,” said Mathieu Roche, co-founder and CEO, ID5. "Now, we can demonstrate to all industry players that we have a deep commitment to a high-quality, transparent, and privacy-first identity framework.”

In October, ID5 launched IdentityCloud, a comprehensive suite of services that responds to the identity challenges faced by the digital media industry, from improving match rates between buyers and sellers to addressing cookie- and MAID-less traffic across domains and devices. Built on privacy-by-design principles, IdentityCloud includes an advanced consent-based encryption system ensuring that users’ preferences are respected and enforced throughout the advertising value chain.

"With ongoing shifts in privacy regulations and the deprecation of third-party cookies, marketers are actively testing solutions to bridge them into the future of digital advertising,” Timur Yarnall, CEO and co-Founder of Neutronian. “By utilising Neutronian's comprehensive audit and monitoring platform, ID5 is demonstrating not only that they are transparent about their processes, but that marketers can have confidence that ID5’s identity offerings will be a trusted and reliable part of their solution."