AlgoriX Maintains High Standards with GeoEdge Partnership

Delivering its promise to set the bar high when it comes to video ad quality standards, global media and technology company AlgoriX partnered with cybersecurity company GeoEdge to help ensure that its marketplace remained clean and fraud-free, ultimately protecting its relationship with thousands of clients in the ad tech space. 

In the past, like so many other top-quality media companies, AlgoriX was not immune to ad quality issues, which are the pitfall of every company in AdTech, threatening to damage user experience and tarnish reputation. When video ad-related incident reports began to trickle in, AlgoriX wasted no time in establishing a partnership with GeoEdge. 

“At AlgoriX, we place the utmost importance on ensuring that our publishers’ users are protected from harmful ad experiences while continuing to drive significant revenues. Our partnership with GeoEdge demonstrates AlgoriX’s strong commitment to working with industry leaders in combating ad fraud from industry bad actors and to maintaining a protected and safe marketplace for our publishers. GeoEdge’s patented detection technology has helped us identify and prevent fraudulent ads like auto redirects, malware, and pop-ups from reaching our publishers and their users,” commented Frederic Liow, SVP revenue growth & strategy at AlgoriX.

GeoEdge’s protection lets AlgoriX set and manage ad quality alerts, automating blocking and scanning processes. Time spent dealing with ad quality issues has been reduced to 10% daily, streamlining processes and saving resources at AlgoriX. 

Moreover, regardless of how publishers categorise their ads, GeoEdge’s protection screens them effectively, keeping out off-brand and intrusive creative and detecting in-app banners and video, auto-redirects, and CTV video. 

"Maintaining a high level of ad quality is an ongoing industry challenge. GeoEdge has invested heavily in recent years in cutting-edge security detection and ad content management solutions for web and in-app. We are happy to stand together with AlgoriX and empower their efforts in creating clean and engaging programmatic revenue streams for their partners,” said Eran Navon, regional director, APAC at GeoEdge.

Best of all, with GeoEdge, AlgoriX was able to maintain its impeccable ad inventory quality. The pre- and post-click issues that once plagued AlgoriX are no longer found on its programmatic and monetisation channels. 

Working hand in hand with GeoEdge ensures that AlgoriX continues delivering high-quality solutions and products to its partners, stopping fraud and maintaining a clean marketplace that is enjoyed by publishers, advertisers, and users alike.  



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