Blis Announces New Partnership with Experian Across Seven Markets

Blis, the audience-first platform that doesn't rely on personal data, today (August 2nd, 2022) announced a new partnership with Experian to integrate socio-demographic data into Blis Audience Explorer across the UK, US, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. Experian Mosaic data will allow Blis’ clients to understand the context behind the decisions that consumers make and who are the most valuable customers, to drive awareness, improve retention, and increase the share of wallet.

Audience Explorer, Blis’ visual interactive planning and activation tool, is now even richer with Experian’s comprehensive, cross-channel Mosaic customer segments. The partnership allows Blis to bring even more robust and precise audiences to life for its major media agency and brand clients globally. By combining Blis' precise location data with Experian Mosaic's deep understanding of audience socio-demographics, decision making, and customer value, our clients can access unparalleled, actionable consumer insights. This partnership will help paint a clear and up-to-date consumer picture, so advertisers can easily and effectively target and engage the highest value customers across channels at the right place and time, delivering on campaign objectives. 

Experian Mosaic combines millions of pieces of information across Experian proprietary, public, and trusted third-party sources. This information is expertly condensed to summary groups and subtypes to help marketers and media planners better target their campaigns. Through this partnership, marketers can now also understand geographic considerations at a deep, granular level and optimise accordingly, to ensure they are capturing the right audience when they are most receptive. 

“We’re extremely excited to bring Experian Mosaic data into Audience Explorer,” said Amy Fox, VP of product at Blis. “Experian coupled with Blis' already robust data within Audience Explorer means we have unparalleled and actionable consumer insights. With access to an even deeper understanding of customers, our clients can target the right people more easily and at scale, right at their fingertips. I’m really proud to bring yet another powerful dataset into our platform to continue helping media planners continue to reach the right customers in a privacy-first world.”

“It is really great to be working with Blis.  They are a true innovator in the space and bringing Experian’s flagship consumer data into their platform is a big step forward,” said Colin Grieves, managing director of marketing services at Experian. “Our comprehensive socio-demographic data, layered with Blis real-world behavioural lifestyle segments and other rich data sources, will help media planners and other agency stakeholders unlock unique customer insights, easily build the richest audiences possible and make more informed media decisions. We are really looking forward to making this partnership a huge success and expanding even further in the future.”

Unlike ID'd solutions, the aggregated and anonymised Experian Mosaic data combined with Blis behavioural lifestyle segments and other rich data sources (including clients' first-party data), enable media planners to build their target audiences based on the most comprehensive cross-channel customer understanding to deliver privacy-first targeting at scale.


Blis is the audience-first platform that doesn't rely on personal data. We’re an integrated planning and buying platform that delivers scaled, relevant and high-performing audiences, helping  the world’s largest brands and media agencies achieve...
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