IAS Announces Next-Generation Quality Attention Measurement Product

Integral Ad Science (Nasdaq: IAS), a leading global media measurement and optimisation platform, announced the launch of its Quality Attention post-bid measurement product. Quality Attention combines IAS’s unique access to more than 280 billion daily digital interactions with rigorous attention research to create a powerful way for marketers to get a greater impact from their advertising campaigns.

“Harnessing attention is pivotal to executing a successful advertising campaign. But not all attention products are created equal. IAS has created a research-backed model on attention based on outcomes and three key media signals, including visibility, situation, and interaction that can predict if an impression is likely to lead to attention and results,” said Yannis Dosios, chief commercial officer, Integral Ad Science. “We have developed a comprehensive attention product based on data, research, and testing, designed to deliver meaningful results for marketers.”

IAS has created the definitive approach that sees attention as a measure of whether an ad resonates with consumers and is likely to drive results – such as sales, conversions, or brand impact.

Quality Attention uses a variety of signals obtained as part of IAS’s core products, including viewability, ad density, and user interaction, and weighs them into a single attention score and three sub-scores for visibility, situation, and interaction for decisive outcomes. These three key media signals can predict if an impression is likely to lead to attention and advertising outcomes.

IAS research found a 198% average lift in the conversion rate when comparing high attention impressions with low attention impressions, demonstrating that optimising for attention drives conversion lift.

Leveraging these signals with IAS’s scoring system provides marketers with actionable insight on attention and opens up new opportunities for advertisers to do everything from optimising messaging executions while developing creative, to evaluating which programmatic partners are driving higher attention.

IAS is also working with industry-leading partners like Lumen to expand the industry standard for effective attention measurement by bringing cutting-edge eye-tracking technology and predictive attention models to the market.

The Quality Attention measurement beta will be more broadly available later in 2023.

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