MiQ Partners with Legacy Media to Leverage ESG Data for Enhanced Sustainability Offering in the UK

MiQ, the world’s largest global independent programmatic media partner for brands and agencies, is partnering with Legacy Media, a provider of aggregated ESG market leading data to build ESG driven programmatic activation capabilities. The exclusive partnership combined Legacy Media's aggregated market leading data, which allocates ratings to every global media supplier, with MiQ's granular supply and performance data. 

This marks the first time ESG data has been used to power programmatic activation – and with 37% of consumers choosing brands based on their ethical and sustainable practices, this partnership provides brands an opportunity to align themselves with the supply that fits their values and matches consumer expectations. 

“As consumers grow more conscientious about the impact of what they buy, brands need to continue to adapt to this increasing demand,” said Deborah Rosenthal-Davies, head of solutions, MiQ. “We’re excited to partner with Legacy to take this market leading data, connect it with our granular view of the programmatic supply chain, and use our data science and analytics capabilities to transform it into accessible programmatic segments and measurement opportunities for our clients.” 

To enable brands to respond quickly, MiQ has scored thousands of domains using Legacy’s ESG data, allowing marketers to buy inventory which specifically addresses their ESG objectives, split down to the 12 subcategories of the UN’s sustainable development goals. 

“MiQ’s partnership with Legacy allows us to provide brands with insight into the ESG impact of their programmatic campaigns, empowering them to make informed decisions about the supply paths and partnerships that best align with their values. We truly believe that this process helps us avoid social washing or greenwashing,” said Andy Power, founder & CEO, Legacy Media. 

“Strong brands have a focus on high ethical standards and business integrity, and the investment world is taking notice of their media supply chain,” added Power. 

MiQ first launched its Sustainable Advertising solution in 2022 using Scope3 data to provide a Green Score to measure and reduce the carbon emissions of ad campaigns. Earlier this year, MiQ took their solution one step further by partnering with SeenThis, a streaming tech provider that pairs adaptive streaming technology with MiQ’s multi-DSP capabilities for more sustainable, high-quality ads. This partnership with Legacy Media is part of MiQ’s continued evolution into the other branches of sustainable advertising, helping to provide a holistic and robust offering so brands can be certain that they’re advertising with publishers who align with their values.


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