Adelaide Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions for Streamlined Attention Measurement and Activation with Adobe

Starting today (20th June), advertisers have the power to seamlessly measure and optimise programmatic campaigns using outcome-driven attention metrics. Adelaide has partnered with Adobe Advertising, the industry’s first end-to-end, independent platform for managing connected advertising across marketing and advertising customer journeys, to launch two advanced solutions: the first-to-market InstantAU, which enables advertisers to measure media quality with a single click, and attention-based pre-bid segments, designed to help advertisers secure the highest-quality inventory within their budgets. Available directly within Adobe’s demand-side platform (DSP), advertisers can leverage both solutions to ensure their programmatic campaigns drive efficient attention and outcomes.

InstantAU is a push-button solution that allows advertisers to apply Adelaide’s attention measurement tags to campaigns and creatives within Adobe Advertising. InstantAU not only simplifies the tagging process, but also enables Adobe to offer integrated reporting, making attention insights and trends readily available within the DSP’s reporting UI.

Attention-based prebid segments, grouped into high, medium, and low sets, represent varying levels of media placement quality. Advertisers can simply select the levels of media quality they’d like to focus their budgets on and secure higher-quality media dynamically.

Both solutions are informed by Adelaide’s AU, an omnichannel media quality metric that predicts a placement’s probability of driving attention and subsequent impact. AU is generated by a machine learning algorithm trained to proxy full-funnel business outcomes from awareness to sales. Adelaide has worked with dozens of brands to prove that AU-optimised media delivers better outcomes than legacy metrics like viewability. This past year, Adelaide published nearly 40 case studies demonstrating how AU has helped advertisers achieve an average of 31% upper-funnel and 56% lower-funnel lift compared to traditional metrics.

Greg Collison, head of product, Adobe Advertising: “Our partnership with Adelaide underscores the importance of innovation for media quality metrics in programmatic buying. We’re excited to offer advertisers a new way of measuring the value of an impression and more opportunities to prepare for cookie deprecation. Combined with connected advertising, InstantAU and AU-based pre-bid give advertisers a better understanding of the connection between consumer attention to ads and business outcomes.”

Marc Guldimann, co-founder and CEO, Adelaide: “This groundbreaking integration with Adobe Advertising equips brands with the best of both worlds: seamless attention measurement at the click of a button and a simple path to activation. We are excited to help Adobe clients achieve superior outcomes by incorporating AU into their media planning and buying strategies straight out of the gate.”


Adelaide is a leader in the rapidly growing field of evidence-based media quality measurement. Adelaide’s attention-based metric, AU, helps advertisers make better media investment decisions. AU is an omnichannel metric that evaluates thousands of ...
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