Epom Ad Tech Report: Unveiling the Most Cost-Effective Ad Banner Formats

Epom, a leading ad tech software platform, has released its comprehensive report on ad banner formats performance, geo, and device statistics.

The report, based on extensive data analysis of DSP users from January to December 2022, provides valuable insights into the win rates, click-through rates (CTR), cost per mile (CPM), and impressions of various ad banner formats, allowing advertisers to make informed decisions for their ad campaigns.

The report begins by highlighting the top ten most popular banner formats among Epom DSP users based on the number of impressions generated in 2022. These formats serve as a valuable reference for advertisers when selecting the best formats for their campaigns. However, the report later reveals that popularity does not necessarily equate to cost-effectiveness.

Epom then delves into a detailed analysis of several ad banner formats, providing key performance metrics for each format. Notably, the report examines desktop ad banners such as the medium rectangle (300x250) and leaderboard (728x90), as well as mobile ad banners like the smartphone leaderboard (320x50) and mobile interstitial (320x480). Each format is evaluated based on its win rate, CTR, CPM, and total impressions.

To determine the most cost-effective ad banner format, Epom calculates the cost-per-click (CPC) for each format. By considering both performance and affordability, the report gives advertisers a comprehensive understanding of which formats offer the best balance between engagement and cost.

Furthermore, the report highlights the geographical performance of Epom DSP's ad campaigns in 2022. Epom DSP's data reveals a diverse advertising geography, with active participation from Asia, Europe, America, and Africa.

The report also delves into device statistics, revealing mobile ads as the most popular and effective format. Mobile ads generated the highest number of impressions and exhibited a remarkable win rate (20.14%) and CTR (2.06%). Tablet and desktop devices also contributed significantly to ad impressions, while connected TV (CTV) ads, despite having a relatively smaller impression count (6,563), boasted an impressive win rate of 87.86%.

Epom's ad tech report emphasises the growing popularity of rewarded in-app advertising and highlights a connected TV as a prominent advertising medium. 

Andriy Liulko head of sales, at Epom explained: “Rewarded video ads within mobile apps gained popularity due to their high viewability and incentivised nature. Meanwhile, connected TV ads provided an excellent opportunity to engage audiences who have transitioned to streaming services.”

Though the CTR for connected TV ads was unavailable, the high win rate indicated its effectiveness in reaching the desired target audience.

The performance of video ads on Epom DSP is highlighted too. The data presented shows their superiority in terms of engagement compared to static ads. Video ads achieved an average CTR in mobile apps that was 7.5 times higher than banner ads. Notably, only 4.9% of users skipped video ads, and many viewers watched videos until the end. Epom DSP recommends investing more in video ad production to drive higher CTR and quality leads.

Epom DSP's comprehensive report is a valuable resource for advertisers, providing them with crucial insights to optimise their media buying strategies and maximise their return on investment.