impact.com Announces Fully Integrated Influencer & Creator Partnership Management Platform

impact.com, the world’s leading partnership management platform, announced the launch of impact.com / creator, an influencer marketing platform that allows advertisers to discover, create, manage, and scale full-funnel influencer marketing programmes from a single interface. The new technology simplifies and improves the brand and creator's user experience. 

The creator economy is estimated to be a more than USD$100bn (£77.3bn) market. Given the sizeable creator landscape, marketers say that finding the right partners and evaluating creators against their needs are among their biggest challenges today. And according to research also announced by impact.com, that same pain point exists for creators: 86% of creators say that while they want to expand brand partnerships, with selective criteria, it’s challenging to identify quality prospective brand partners that will work long-term. 

impact.com / creator’s all-in-one platform houses all partnerships – including affiliate and influencer partners. Here, brands and creators can discover new partnerships, contract, manage, pay, and optimise their partnerships based on comprehensive performance insights.

The technology provides a marketplace for brands to find new partners based on filters such as geographical location, social platform, follower size, vertical, and soon, AI-based recommendations, and more. The two-sided nature of the platform also allows creators to seek out brand collaborations. This empowers brands and creators to collaborate efficiently and view performance in one, easy-to-use platform. Now everyone, from CMOs and VPs to managers and coordinators, can better understand the incremental awareness and revenue that their partnerships are driving. 

“We recognise that marketers require innovative technology to stay ahead of developments within the fast-paced creator economy, which is why we’ve created an industry-first creator partnerships management platform, ” said David A. Yovanno, CEO at impact.com. “Creators are a critical and expanding part of our industry. With impact.com / creator, we are enabling clients not only to scale these partnerships, which is notoriously difficult but also to help establish longer-term relationships. But first, brands must know what’s working, and tracking and performance insights are where impact.com has been leading the market for some time.”

Now, with a single login and integrated interface, brands can drive optimal customer journeys from the awareness stage through to conversion. Brands can also diversify their partner mix and compensate them with a variety of models, from CPA and commission to flat fees or combinations of both. According to impact.com’s new research conducted in partnership with AdWeek, the majority of creators prefer to be paid with a combination of flat fee and performance bonus, known as a PostPlus compensation model; until now, the industry hasn’t offered flexible, scalable payment options in one interface.

With impact.com’s new offering, brands and creators will:

  • Discover best-fit partners
  • Payout faster with more flexibility
  • Manage end-to-end campaigns with full transparency
  • Track, analyse, and attribute performance accurately
  • Access to more dynamic content management

“As someone who has been in the creator management business for the last 10 years, I've worked with countless creator partnership platforms and impact.com / creator takes into consideration what is and isn't working,” said Becca Bahrke, CEO of Illuminate Social, a creator management and brand partnerships company that has partnered with impact.com for more than 6 years. “I'm thrilled to see the negotiation options from creator fee to usage, as this is the most important part of my job as a manager and bringing fruitful partnerships to our roster of creators. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ package and while that would be easier if every creator agreed to the same terms and rates, it's not realistic. impact.com / creator takes that into account while still providing the best data and metrics for a brand to evaluate if a partnership was impactful. The future of influencer marketing is where influencer and affiliate merge and this platform truly brings the two together.” 

To learn more about impact.com / creator, please visit www.impact.com/creator


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