New Whitepaper from IMPACT+ Aims to Educate Ad Industry on Measures to Tackle Carbon Emissions

IMPACT+, the pioneer in measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns, has issued a new whitepaper aiming to educate and support the industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the digital advertising sector.

The report reveals the drastic emission reduction potential of simple actions, for example:

  • A potential 80% reduction of carbon emissions, simply by modifying the delivery period 
  • A possible 60% reduction of emissions through the implementation of actions such as selecting the best contexts and eco-designing advertising creatives and media plans 

Based on these findings, the paper shares guidance for marketers to implement sustainable policies and procedures in their media practices, to curb the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns. With a third (33%) of professionals citing a lack of education and industry standards as key challenges to overcome, half (51%) of companies still don’t measure GHG emissions produced by the  delivery of their ads. This is despite 84% of global consumers claiming to be more inclined to purchase from companies practicing sustainable advertising. 

To help address these challenges, IMPACT+ has shared actionable steps to effectively reduce emissions in advertising, without negatively affecting ROI or critical business objectives, including:  

  • Adopt environmental performance indicators.
  • Eco-design your creatives and your site
  • Think about your ad-tech stack
  • Reduce energy loss due to advertising waste
  • Measure the impact of your action against the counterproductive effects
  • Invest in a carbon impact measurement tool

Vincent Villaret, CEO at IMPACT+, said: “While it’s positive to see some brands and agencies implementing sustainable practices, closing the gap will require more education and awareness and solid action plans to address the industry’s carbon footprint. IMPACT+’s whitepaper provides enlightening insights and useful tips towards more sustainable digital advertising practices that reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It is not yet too late to implement practices that effectively reduce the carbon footprint of the sector, but the clock is ticking.”

To find out more and read the full report click here


IMPACT+ is the first technological solution enabling digital advertising players to measure and reduce environmental impact without losing performance....
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