Industry Review 2024: The Cookieless Future is Here

ExchangeWire’s Industry Review is back, as we look at the top trends for an era-defining year. As third-party cookies finally crumble, where are the major opportunities for post-cookie technology?

This is it, the year of third-party cookie deprecation. The industry must build new technology that fills this signal void. Innovation will be necessary to solve this existential problem especially concerning targeting and measurement. 

This is a huge opportunity for reinvention, for the genuinely innovative, forward thinking solutions to rise to the top.

Key Questions

  • Is the ad tech industry ready?!
  • After years of talk, how can the issue of targeting ads to a privacy-centric public be resolved? 
  • What are the technologies that will take precedence? 
  • Will contextual take hold, are IDs the future?
  • How can we avoid making the same mistakes again? 

Are you at the cutting edge of the post-cookie frontier? Do you have the definitive answer to balancing privacy and precision in advertising?

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