Adzymic Launches Premium Advertising Network, Adzymic Premium Exchange (APX), in  Singapore & Malaysia

Adzymic, a leader in dynamic creative technology, today (September 28th, 2023) announced the launch of Adzymic Premium Exchange (APX) in Singapore and Malaysia. 

APX is an innovative advertising network that integrates high-impact formats and non-intrusive rich media ad units such as desktop skins, mobile scrollers, and a range of other rich media formats, across premium publishers.  

Through partnerships with leading media owners such as Mediacorp and SPH Media in Singapore, and Rev Media Group and Astro in Malaysia, APX has reach to 90% of web audiences across these two markets. Coupled with impactful advertising in such quality,  brand-safe, and attention-focused environments, the service offers performance and high viewability to deliver results to advertisers. 

APX leverages Adzymic's own creative management platform (CMP) and dynamic creative  optimisation (DCO) technology to incorporate creative automation and dynamic capabilities within high-impact rich media formats. This includes a range of features that allow for  dynamic product ads, live data feeds, API integrations, and much more.  

Using Microsoft Advertising's sell-side platform, Monetize, advertisers and agencies can easily work with APX through direct IO buys or via programmatic DSPs. The Adzymic in-house operations teams will work alongside agencies and client programmatic buying units to set up self-serve programmatic deals or manage the end-to-end campaign operations for direct bookings. 

With the launch of APX, Adzymic is also announcing the appointment of Justin Lim as managing partner of Adzymic Premium Exchange (APX). Justin brings with him a wealth of experience in the ad tech industry, having held leadership and commercial roles at Azerion,  Sublime, and Unruly. His experience working closely with publishers and agencies positions him perfectly to drive the growth of APX. 

Sharing his thoughts on joining the team, Justin said, "I am thrilled to spearhead the launch of Adzymic Premium Exchange (APX). It represents the culmination of our dedication to  innovation, offering advertisers a solution that seamlessly combines automation with high impact rich media formats and premium inventory to deliver impactful ad campaigns. I look  forward to working with the talented team at Adzymic to roll out the APX solution to  publishers and advertisers as we continue our global expansion."  

Alicia Luke, head of channel excellence of SPH Media Ltd, Singapore, said: “As one of the largest media networks in Singapore, SPH Media has always prioritised delivering value to both our readers and advertisers. Through our partnership with Adzymic in APX, we are able  to offer advertisers various digital solutions across our premium SPH Network sites.” 

Nicholas Sagau, chief operating officer of Rev Media Group, Malaysia, said: "We are excited to announce that APX is now a part of Rev Media Group's list of advertising solution partners. This partnership enables us to continue offering advertisers in Malaysia access to a premium advertising solution which enhances the way brands engage with their audiences. APX's high impact and dynamic nature of the creative formats align perfectly with our commitment to excellence in advertising."  

Kenny Ong, director of Astro Media Solutions, said: “Through Astro’s partnership with Adzymic, we can help brands benefit from rich media that focuses on high-quality placement, intelligent contextual targeting, and brand safety. Astro’s audience-first,  experience-led, and data-supported approach together with premium content and APX’s  smart technology offer powerful and effective media solutions for brands to measure the  impact of rich digital advertising more effectively across all metrics and KPIs.”