Yahoo to Integrate Identity Solution with Twilio Segment to Drive Greater Advertiser Relevance & Reach

Yahoo Advertising today (October 13th, 2023) announced a new integration with Twilio Segment customer data platform (CDP) to drive greater advertising reach and relevance, without relying on third-party cookies. Twilio Segment’s direct integration with Yahoo ConnectID will enable advertisers to future-proof their business and activate first-party data across screens in a cookieless world.

By partnering with Yahoo Advertising and integrating with Yahoo ConnectID, Segment users will be able to sync hashed, cookieless data with their real-time customer profiles and drive greater reach and relevance for their campaigns.

Yahoo takes an integrated approach to identity across every digital environment. Yahoo Identity Solutions, which include Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions, account for both addressable and non-addressable inventory.

Yahoo ConnectID for addressable inventory is powered by Yahoo’s consent-based, first-party and partner data, and today reaches 58M+ logged in users across APAC. Next-Gen Solutions is an AI-built privacy-preserving solution that leverages Yahoo ConnectID users as a panel audience and drives relevance and reach within non-addressable environments.

This holistic identity suite enables advertisers to future-proof their business in the Yahoo DSP and maintain control and ROI in an identity-constrained world. With this integration, marketers will be able to leverage a single view of the customer to deliver on the promise of addressable advertising and ensure personalised consumer experiences, even as support for cookies and other traditional identity mechanisms fades.

Dan Richardson, director, head of data at Yahoo APAC says, “Data collaboration is essential to allow brands to get the most value from their first-party data. This integration means delivering better advertising experiences to customers, and gives advertisers what they want most - greater relevance, reach, and measurement. In a world with fewer online user identifiers, Yahoo ConnectID offers a differentiated and future-proofed approach to all businesses.”

On the partnership, Liz Adeniji, regional vice president, Asia-Pacific and Japan at Twilio Segment, comments: “A recent Twilio study found that about 7 in 10 businesses in Asia-Pacific have already turned to using first-party data primarily due to the inadequate visibility over third parties’ data safeguards, management of consent, and regulatory compliance.

Our new integration with Yahoo will make it easier for these businesses to use their valuable first-party data in a much more meaningful way, in real-time, and most importantly, with utmost relevance to their intended audience. This will enable them to unleash the potential of first-party data across screens to deliver more personalised and engaging campaigns.”

To learn more about Yahoo Identity Solutions, please visit here.


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