Novatiq & DMS Partnership Brings Best-In-Class Privacy-First Addressable Advertising to Region’s Publishers

Novatiq, the telco-based identity platform, is delighted to announce its new partnership with Digital Media Services (DMS), the digital arm of Choueiri Group, Exclusive Media Representatives for over 25 Arabic and international publishers. This collaboration provides brands with unparalleled access to privacy-first, data-driven ad campaigns of exceptional potency. 

Novatiq’s Fusion platform allows DMS to add value to its clients by making their ads more relevant across its sites. Readers will be served highly relevant ads delivering better customer experience. 

The announcement is perfectly timed as brands across the globe try to get to grips with regulator-driven deprecation of third-party cookies, which makes marketing far more difficult. Novatiq solves this problem as its technology is not reliant on cookies or persistent customer IDs. Furthermore, the platform uniquely draws on telco customer intelligence to provide fully addressable advertising based on deep customer insight. 

For DMS, the solution offers its clients a new way to recognise, understand, and activate audiences in a privacy-first world where traditional advertising models are no longer fit for purpose. The telco-based ID solution couples audience recognition with media activation and verifiable first-party data, to activate addressable advertising with industry-leading accuracy at unprecedented scale. 

Novatiq is setting benchmarks in first-party data privacy. Thanks to its privacy-centric Fusion platform, which encompasses a complete and fully privacy-compliant solution for consented audience validation, creation, and activation. Consumers are always in control of how their personal information is used and can retract consent at any time. 

Jonno Hulford-Funnell, CEO, Novatiq

Jonno Hulford-Funnell, CEO, Novatiq, said: “We’re delighted to announce this tie-up with the region’s leading publisher group. We truly believe our solution enables the most private addressable advertising around the globe, for the benefit of publishers, brands, and their consumers. Audience reach and advertising performance results so far speak for themselves. Novatiq brings addressability that works harder for ad campaigns, with automation and efficiency that means no extra effort, while also protecting everyone’s privacy.” 

Ziad Khammar, COO of DMS, added: "Our partnership with Novatiq is another step in our ongoing commitment to support our publishers and help advertisers effectively reach their target audiences. We're pleased to carry forward our track record of innovation, providing practical solutions that benefit our partners." 

Mathieu Yarak, group senior director – data & insights at Choueiri Group, added: “This new solution offers a brand-new way of recognising and activating audiences in a privacy-first world where old advertising standards are not fit for purpose. With the demise of third-party data and the inability to activate it, the advent of a telco-based ID solution that couples audience recognition with media activation, and verifiable first-party data, enables addressable advertising with the greatest accuracy and match rates, whilst preserving absolute privacy for consumers, the telcos and publishers. Advertisers suddenly have back the best parts of what has been lost from 3rd party cookies but leave behind the 3rd party cookie and all the problems that came with it.” 


Novatiq is the world’s first telco-verified digital identity platform, delivering the next generation in advertising relevancy for the digital advertising industry, engineered private. Its patented Fusion platform provides consented first-party aud...
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