Nexta Announces its New Retail Media Solution & Partnership With  Danish Retailer Dagrofa

Nexta, a leading provider of Ad tech solutions to scale personalised advertising, today (December 7th, 2023) announced the launch of its new retail media solution. 

With  Nexta, retailers can offer targeted display campaigns at scale by utilising Nexta’s three-step self-service platform, advanced banner automation, and revenue-driving optimisation based on brands' advertising KPIs. Thereby, Nexta integrates into existing ad-serving infrastructure and ensures scalability in eliminating all manual steps for campaign creation and handling.  

Nexta also announces a new partnership with Denmark’s fourth-biggest retailer Dagrofa, owning brands such as SPAR, Meny, and Dagrofa Food Service. The collaboration will allow brands to buy digital media across Dagrofa’s brands through a simple self-service solution, collaborating with the advertising technology platform Adform and media agency Hearts and Science.  

"We are excited to launch a retail media solution and partner with Dagrofa to bring this self-service solution to the market, so brands and agencies can access retail ad inventory in real time," said Martin Jensen, CCO and co-founder of Nexta. "The retail media self-service solution is helping Dagrofa to scale its advertising offer and bring additional revenue." 

"The ambition in our media solution is to provide a frictionless, data-driven and transparent offering. Nexta is a key partner in offering a retail media network and helped us significantly with their knowledge in creating scalable advertising,” said  Kristian Krohn Djurhuus, head of retail media at Dagrofa. “We are excited to offer  this solution in partnership with our brands and agencies and already have our first  learnings from running campaigns with major brands."

Learn more about Nexta’s Retail Media solution here or contact Martin Jensen at  martin.jensen@nexta.io or Kristian Djurhuus at kristian.djurhuus@dagrofa.dk


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