Yahoo Year in Review 2023: Singapore's Top Online Searches Unveiled


Yahoo has released its highly anticipated Year in Review 2023 - an annual collection of the most searched categories based on anonymised interest patterns of what was searched by users on Yahoo. 

Serving as a rich resource and insight into the minds and searchers of consumers, the Yahoo Year in Review 2023 highlights the top trends and searches that have captivated netizens in Singapore - from the most searched local celebrities and newsmakers to tech gadgets, athletes, beauty brands, travel, stocks, and more. Its methodology accounts for various factors, including absolute volume and growth from previous periods, to analyse themes and trends.

Local politics took centre stage in this year’s search trends, with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (1st) as the top newsmaker after announcing his plans to hand over leadership. The recent Singapore Presidential Election also thrust figures such as Ng Kok Song (5th), Tan Kin Lian (6th), and George Goh (7th) into the limelight as one of the top newsmakers. The election has also shaped searches on business leaders, with presidential hopefuls George Goh (2nd) – who was disqualified from the race – and two-time candidate Tan Kin Lian (3rd) topping the list.

This year’s list of most searched stocks saw homegrown blue chip companies Singapore Airlines (SGX: C6L) (1st), OCBC Bank(SGX: O39) (2nd), and DBS Group Holdings (SGX: D05) (3rd) occupying the top spots. They are followed by automotive and clean energy company Tesla Inc (TSLA) (4th), global e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA) (5th), and Keppel Corporation Ltd (SGX: BN4) (6th).

Local figures and destinations also continued to top trends: Shanti Pereira (4th) and Loh Kean Yew (6th) claimed their spots on most searched athletes alongside international superstars Cristiano Ronaldo (1st) and Lionel Messi (2nd). Meanwhile, Genting Dream Cruise (1st) emerged atop travel-related searches amid the return of global travel.

For the biggest moments online and other surprises from the year, take a detailed look at Yahoo’s Year in Review 2023.

*Disclaimer: Please note the results are not necessarily a representation of a popularity contest or voting


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