Zeotap CDP Introduces Non-Customer Entity Data to Expand the Horizon Beyond Customer Data

Zeotap CDP, the easy, secure, and impactful customer data platform, is thrilled to introduce its  “Non-Customer Entity Data” feature. This innovative tool marks a significant leap in the realm of customer data platforms (CDPs), enabling businesses to integrate and activate both customer and non-customer entity data with unprecedented ease.

The Non-Customer Entity Data feature is a transformative approach that broadens the scope of data integration beyond traditional customer-centric identifiers. It encompasses transactional data, account information, and product catalogue details, providing a more holistic view of the customer. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for developing effective marketing strategies.

What sets Zeotap CDP apart is its flexibility. It allows the ingestion of both customer and non-customer entity data, expanding the unified customer profile with rich, diverse data points. This capability is a stark contrast to other CDPs that typically require data to be tied directly to a user identifier.

One of the key challenges in customer data management has been the complex process of pre-processing and integrating diverse data types. Zeotap CDP addresses this challenge head-on, simplifying the integration process for two key user groups: data engineers, who implement the CDP and marketers, who leverage it for activation. This simplification democratises data access, making it usable and actionable for both technical and non-technical personnel alike.

Further enhancing its offering, Zeotap CDP has integrated several user-friendly features:

  • Streamlined segmentation: Users can effortlessly create customer segments using both customer and non-customer entity attributes. The intuitive audiences module enhances focus on campaign requirements, allowing seamless push of the desired segment to various destinations.
  • Dynamic journey creation: The tool leverages real-time customer actions and historical insights, enabling the creation of powerful, scalable personalised journeys utilising both customer and non-customer entity attributes.
  • Support for wider range of use cases: The feature caters to a broader spectrum of marketing needs, including ads, email marketing, personalisation, engagement automation, A/B testing, and analytics, using both types of data.

"At Zeotap, we recognise that understanding your customers goes beyond just customer-related data. In line with our mission to make customer data impactful, we're excited to unveil our new feature: 'NCE’, which stands for non customer entities. This innovative feature significantly boosts marketers' data-driven capabilities, offering a radical expansion in insights about their customers" said Sathish KS, chief technology officer of Zeotap.

With this innovation, Zeotap is poised to redefine the landscape of customer data platforms, offering unprecedented insights and capabilities to businesses across the globe.

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